SEO Business Farmer Recommends Focusing on Fundamentals in 2014 Instead of Chasing Google

International SEO authority, SEO Business Farmer, recommends that in 2014 businesses must focus on the SEO fundamentals of providing quality content with relevant links regardless of changes Google may make to its search algorithms.

SEO Business Farmer, an international SEO optimization company, plans to continue helping their clients rank on the first page of Google search results by focusing on SEO fundamentals. Trying to keep up with every change Google makes to their search algorithms wastes time and money.

“In 2014, I believe that Google will continue to make changes to their algorithms that penalize those websites that provide no real value to visitors while rewarding sites with useful content and high-quality links,” predicts Paul Edwards, CEO of SEO Business Farmer.

SEO Business Farmer uses full-service SEO strategies to help businesses dominate their niche in online search results and provide an impressive return on investment.

Throughout 2013, Google made 15 significant changes to its search algorithms that negatively affected search rankings for a wide range of websites. After the search-engine giant made a series of updates to Google’s Panda algorithm, they made updates to their Penguin algorithm that targeted “black-hat” and “grey-hat” SEO techniques that cheat the system to get high rankings.

Later in the year, Google introduced the game-changing Hummingbird algorithm. That update focused on giving users the ability to make conversational and semantic searches and receive correct answers to broad questions. For example, a person can Google, “When did actor Philip Seymour Hoffman die?” Once the answer is provided, then follow up with, “What movies were he in?”

“Instead of chasing Google’s changes, the SEO strategies we develop for our clients are based on the fundamentals,” explains Edwards. “Understanding developing SEO trends is vital, but creating quality content with relevant links is always the key to SEO success. Also, the fundamentals work just as well for other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.”

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