SEO Agency Offering 50% Off Services Until Clients Reach Page 1 of Google

Dezan Social Media is offering a unique price cut on all of its SEO services for a specific period.

SEO runs the digital marketing world and is essential in helping business websites gain more exposure. One digital marketing agency is keen to help clients achieve their online marketing goals by offering a staggering 50% off all SEO services. Dezan Social Media is the company in question, and they've offered this deal with a unique caveat. The services remain at 50% off until the client reaches the first page of Google.

The importance of the first page of Google
Google is the most popular search engine in the world, with billions of searches conducted every single day. However, hardly anyone will click on any of the pages beyond the initial one they see. The internet is a massive place, and there are so many websites out there. As a result, every Google search can throw up thousands - sometimes even millions - of different results. Google has to categorize and rank these results based on which ones it deems the most trustworthy and relevant. Thus, the search rankings are formed, and the top results are displayed on the first page.

Anything below this page is unlikely to get seen at all or clicked on. For businesses, it's essential to get on the first page to increase exposure, build trust with users, and gain web traffic. Dezan Social Media is promising to do this for all SEO clients, or they will continue to see 50% off their SEO services. From a client perspective, half-price services are hugely beneficial. Not only that, but when the price goes back to its normal state, the client will continue to benefit by being on the first page of Google. Thus, this can be seen as a smart investment with a positive ROI for clients.

Learning how to utilize SEO
Most companies or website owners don't understand how to use SEO correctly. Indeed, it's a very expansive topic that covers all sorts of different elements. As far as digital marketing goes, SEO is one of the most complex aspects of it.

This is why agencies like Dezan Social Media are important. They help businesses understand SEO and learn how to utilize it properly. That's the whole idea with this new 50% off deal; it will lay the foundations of SEO in place for clients. Should they wish to continue paying full price for the services they can. If not, they are still in a better position than they started, with a website that's designed to be on the first page of Google.

About Dezan Social Media
Dezan Social Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping SMEs grow their brand online. The agency can handle all manner of services, from SEO to content creation and social media marketing. They are fixated on improving brand exposure for clients by any means necessary, ensuring smaller businesses get the attention they deserve.

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