Sensory Products Online Launches Online Sales Catalog For ASD Sufferers And Carers

Sensory Products Online offers a wide range of sensory products optimized to stimulate and soothe individuals suffering from autism spectrum disorders.

Autism is a widely misunderstood condition, despite the fact that autism spectrum disorders can affect as many as one in eight people in a given population. This is because the understanding of Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorders, is still evolving. Through continuing ongoing research and the development of caring approaches for the management of autism sufferers, sensory products have been identified as one of the best ways to stimulate, please and soothe sufferers of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Unfortunately high quality sensory products are rarely available online and those that are come with a premium price tag. Sensory Products Online was created to change that, and they have launched their online catalog to make these items readily available.

The range includes items of a wide variety of colors and textures as well as weighted blankets and body stockings. Blankets can be created double-sided with different textures and colors on each side, while body socks allow children to stretch, play, curl and crawl inside an elasticated fabric that provides exciting stimulation.

The sensory products are designed to stimulate areas of attention that are particularly honed in those with autism spectrum disorder, that non-affected individuals pay little attention to. Studies have shown that work with textures and sensory stimulation works most effectively in managing ASD.

A spokesperson for Sensory Products explained, “We have created our online store to make it easier than ever for parents and carers of those with ASD to source high quality sensory products that can have a stimulating as well as calming effect, giving children activities and quiet time from which they can draw satisfaction and repose respectively. It is important to provide a good balance of stimulation and relaxation so that brain functions can develop and quality of life can be kept high- we are all more satisfied in life when we have a balance of influences, and these items are influences calibrated to the particular needs and responses of ASD individuals.”

About Sensory Products Online:
Sensory Products Online was created to address a lack of quality sensory products online for individuals to find and buy to better help those who need them. Sensory products are ideal for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Sensory Products Online hosts a huge range of such products to fit every need.

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