Senior Caregivers Rancho Bernardo, Homecare Agency Shares Ways Home Health Care Protects Seniors

Rancho Bernardo Senior Caregiver Agency Publishes 3 Ways Home Health Care Service can protect seniors. Offers Free Online Needs Assessment to Help Families Understand Senior Care Options.

Firstat Nursing Services, a Rancho Bernardo Caregivers and Homecare Agency shares “3 Ways Home Health Care Services Protects Seniors.”

“When a loved one faces a health or age-related fight, families just want to protect them from harm. But sometimes they don’t have the skills or resources to offer 24/7 support,” says Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services.

A home health care service provider bridges the gap, ensuring loved ones are protected from harms like avoidable illnesses, falls, and poor nutrition. Here are 3 ways home health care services protect your loved one.

Home health care services protects people from avoidable illnesses - Hospital stays and long-term institutional care facilities can sometime expose seniors to pneumonia, flu, and staph infections. Keeping loved ones in their own home often separates them from these harms. Home health care professionals come to patients’ homes and provide the sanitary nutritional, physical, mental, and social support to keep them comfortable and protected, both when patients are at home and when they must attend community appointments.

Home health care services protect people from falls - Many patients needing age-related, chronic, or terminal care spend much of their time in bed. Time in bed often causes growing weakness, breathing difficulty, and dizziness when standing or walking. These symptoms lead to higher risk of falls. Treatments and medicines can add to this risk. Home health care service providers protect patients against falls by supporting them as they stand, walk, and shower.

Home health care services protects people from poor nutrition - People who suffer from age-related, chronic, or terminal illnesses are more at risk for dangerous complications when nutrition isn’t properly managed. Poor nutrition causes growing weakness, a poor immune system, and can even affect diseases like organ failure, dementia, cancer, and more. Home health care service providers help patients adhere to and eat a healthy diet on a daily basis. They offer grocery shopping, food preparation, and monitoring services for consistent and safe consumption.

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Linnea Goodrich is the owner of Firstat Nursing Services, which is the only Home Care Agency in San Diego that is both State licensed and certified by the Alzheimer's Association. Firstat Nursing Services has been providing a higher standard of home nursing, home health and home care services for elderly, disabled and injured people in the greater San Diego area since 1997.

To give families and seniors a better understanding of how in-home care can help their daily lives, Firstat has developed a free online assessment tool. To see how it can help, go to: or call 619-220-7600 to learn more.

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