Sell Your Test Strips Warns Individuals about Disreputable Buyers

Sell Your Test Strips Warns Individuals about Disreputable Buyers

As the demand for affordable glucose test strips increase, unscrupulous individuals have entered the market and even the Better Business Bureau has issued warnings about these companies. Naomi James, CEO of Sell Your Test Strips, wants people to beware of companies that engage in deceitful and unethical practices.

“As diabetic test strip buyers who have been in business for over 18 years, we want to make certain that our customers are aware that like in almost all businesses, there’s always going to be some unscrupulous vendor or vendors that will try to game the system by promising to buy your test strips however never send you your payment. We want to protect our clients as well as our industry by keeping that from happening,” said James.

According to Sell Your Test Strip owners it’s legal for people to get cash for diabetic test strips, but there are unethical companies who purchase test strips paid for by Medicaid, Medicare and insurance companies that leaves sellers vulnerable to charges of insurance fraud.

Equally important is the quality of the products. The strips may be outdated and there’s no guarantee that these companies have stored or maintained the strips in the appropriate environment. The result is test strips that won’t provide an accurate reading and individuals may administer too much or too little insulin, placing their health at serious risk.

Sell Your Test Strips purchases directly from individuals and no damaged, generic or private label boxes are accepted. Only boxes manufactured in the U.S. are eligible. The company has a convenient online list of brands, expiration dates, and test strip requirements for the items it buys, complete with photos, quantities and pricing.

Sell Your Test Strips also pays promptly for all the unneeded and unwanted glucose test strips they buy and payment is guaranteed to be sent in 24 hours or less. The company provides free, instant quotes and also accepts items that individuals would like to have donated. The company adheres to federal regulations to ensure that clients receive quality test strips, while providing substantial savings for those that need the essential health supplies.

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