Selfie Sticked Australia Launches Special Offer on Popular Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

Unbeatable new price of $23.98 for top-quality, collapsible selfie sticks in a range of colors includes shipping anywhere in Australia, Selfie Sticked reports

Selfie Sticked unveiled a special new offer on the full range of the company's top-quality smart phone, Go Pro, and digital camera accessories. Including free shipping throughout the country, the special price of $23.98 per unit represents the most affordable way for Australians to acquire Bluetooth-enabled, telescoping selfie sticks in any of five great-looking colors. Selfie Sticked's well-made, compact, simple-to-operate camera and phone accessories make it incredibly easy and convenient to take memorable, striking self and group photographs, so the special new offer will be of great interest to many people.

"We're happy to announce a special new price on our top quality selfie sticks," Selfie Sticked representative Will Heath said, "For only $23.98, shipping throughout Australia included, visitors to our site can pick up a great Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick in black, blue, pink, green, or red. Response to the offer has already been impressive, so we encourage those interested to place their orders soon."

Taking photographic self-portraits with smart phones and other digital devices has become increasingly popular throughout the world in recent years, particularly among users of online social networking services. Bradley Cooper's "selfie" photograph from last year's Oscars ceremony, for example, quickly become the most popular post of all time on Twitter, while being only one of around a million such postings made on the average day.

A widely cited 2013 survey suggests that selfies are more popular in Australia than anywhere else, with one investigation finding that two-thirds of Australian women in the influential 18-35 age bracket regularly take such photos. Men in the country are not far behind, as authorities estimate that around 30% of all pictures taken today, regardless of the photographer's gender, are of this sort.

Selfie Sticked's top-quality selfie sticks represent a highly affordable and convenient way of improving the quality of such photographs. With a simple, reliable design that is perfectly suited to the selfie, the collapsible accessories extend to lengths of up to 108 cm, allowing photographers to frame more natural and striking self portraits.

A Bluetooth shutter control included with every item Selfie Sticked sells makes it easy to snap the picture, offering compatibility with a wide range of the most popular devices, including iPhones and those running the Android operating system. Five attractive colors allow buyers to pick the selfie stick that best represents their personality, ranging from classic, conservative black to bright, vivid pink.

At only $23.98 including shipping within Australia, Selfie Sticked's new special offer on its products is the best offer to be found anywhere. In addition to being popular with photographers buying for themselves, the company's selfie sticks also make memorable, gratefully received gifts, with just about every smart phone or digital camera owner today enjoying owning and using the devices. Australians interested in Selfie Sticked's new special offer can easily place orders at the company's secure website, where wholesalers, distributors, and others can also make contact.

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Helping people throughout the country save money and take better digital self-portraits, Selfie Sticked Australia offers top-quality, well-designed, collapsible smart phone and camera monopods in a range of fun, attractive colors.

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