Self-Care Queen Helen Uskovic Inspires Readers With Her Transformational Life Journey In Bestselling New Book

The holistic coach illustrates the importance of ‘speaking your truth, standing up for yourself and putting yourself first’ in ‘Change Makers, Volume 5’.

Melbourne, Australia — Dec. 11, 2020 — Anyone can realize their dreams if they focus first on self-care.

This is the driving idea behind the coaching work of Helen Uskovic, a former model, actress, and performer who is now a holistic life coach qualified in Time Line Therapy®️, NLP coaching, fitness coaching, massage therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Known as the “Self-Care Queen,” Uskovic is sharing her own story in the new book “Change Makers: 21 Transformational Stories From Women Making An Impact In The Lives Of Others (Volume 5).”

In the fifth volume of Change Makers, 21 women including tech leaders, health experts, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and coaches from across the world share their transformative journeys to serve others, create meaningful businesses, and enrich lives.

Released this month, the bestselling book has hit the number one spot on multiple Amazon charts across Australia, the USA and Europe.

Uskovic guides her clients to embrace self-care, purpose, and empowerment through her “Hol Health” practice and her podcast, “Your Coach, Helen Uskovic.” This year, she coached more than 50 people to step into their power and begin living life on their own terms.

In Change Makers, she shares a story of identity, self-belief, sheer will, and self-discipline.

“It's these things combined that will get anyone finally living life with the complete freedom they seek,” she said. “My goal is to get people out of a crisis of identity, to invite freedom into their hearts and minds, and to give them the tools to navigate through the rest of their lives with self-confidence, inner freedom, and a grateful mindset.”

For Uskovic, self-care simply means being your own best friend.

“You cannot wait for someone to come and save you or to hand you your goals and dreams on a silver platter,” she said. “I teach my clients to get back in touch with the basics. Put yourself first, put your health first, and feel absolutely confident that you are living the life you deserve.”

Through Uskovic’s 7-week “Step Into Your Power” coaching program, participants learn how to release long-held negative emotions and shift that energy toward positivity within a safe, conflict-free space.

In the year to come, she will host self-care retreats focused on creating a space where participants can focus on their personal growth.

Uskovic was selected to share her story in Change Makers, Volume 5 by Emma Hamlin, the book’s publisher and the founder of Change Maker Press. Hamlin is herself a bestselling author, publisher, and strategic book coaching and marketing expert who founded her company to provide a space for women to be seen and heard.

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