Select Security Launches Free Quote Initiative in Response to Surging Crime Rate

Ramped up security measures featuring state-of-the-art technology are crucial to deterring savvy thieves, publishes

Reports released last year via the Australian Bureau of Statistics show public robbery occurrences dropped 16 percent during 2013 and 2014, reaching their lowest point in the past five years. In contrast, home and business invasions surged more than 5 percent according to an independent study published earlier this year. In light of this development, authorities are urging local residents to ramp up their security measures. The staff of Select Security has been watching this trend unfold for some time. With the rising risk of burglary and vandalism in mind, spokesperson Alan Gamble has launched the company's free quote initiative.

Said Gamble, "Wrongdoers have become far more brazen than in the past, going so far as to break into people's homes and businesses during the daytime when they could easily be caught. In many cases, the problem lies with low-quality systems and amateur setups. Thieves have trained themselves to spot these and have become well-versed in determining which homes and businesses are the easiest targets. We offer state-of-the-art Alarm Systems Perth and components as well as highly trained installation and repair technicians to help combat these issues. Those who contact us during business hours will receive free quotes on the products and services we offer."

Among the options available through Select Security are IP CCTV cameras, which capture video and relay their findings to users via an internet connection. Systems incorporating this type of technology are being touted for their high quality image production and user-friendly features. Video feeds can be accessed through computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. The company has partnered with Hikvision Perth, a security system designer and manufacturer known worldwide for its quality and top-tier technology.

Select Security additionally furnishes troubleshooting advice on its website addressing common issues property owners experience with their security systems. Tips range from appropriate measures to take following an accidental alarm trip to recommended frequency of testing and maintenance efforts. A form has likewise been provided on the company website allowing visitors to present additional questions and concerns regarding alarm repairs, purchase and installation.

Concluded Gamble, "We're experts at repair and installation as well as helping clients choose the system best suited to their needs. We hope our free quote initiative will encourage local home and business owners to take the necessary steps to help keep their properties and families safe. Criminals are only going to increase their efforts to get what they want, but with the right security system kept in optimum condition, area residents are at far less risk of becoming victims. Anyone interested in our products and services may take advantage of our offer by contacting us online or over the phone."

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With 30 years of industry experience, the staff of Select Security are committed to providing top-of-the-line products and services designed to help keep local residents safe in the face of rising home and business invasion statistics.

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