Seeking Balance Australia Launches Updated Vertigo Treatment Programme Lineup

Overcoming common symptoms of inner ear conditions is possible through an uncommon approach to treatment, publishes

According to recent medical studies, 15 per cent of the world's adult population suffers from varying degrees of vertigo. Of those, almost half of the cases recorded are attributed to inner ear disorders with benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV) being the most common. In light of the prevalence of this and other otologic conditions known for causing vertigo, Joey Remenyi, founder and director of Seeking Balance Australia (, has launched the clinic's recently updated treatment lineup.

A spokesperson for Seeking Balance elaborated, "Inner ear conditions and their resulting disorientation are far more common than most people realise; in fact, about 25 per cent of our patients suffer from BPPV alone. We offer a range of programmes designed to help those living with dizziness, fatigue, nausea and lack of balance. The biggest danger with vertigo is that patients can become depressed, anxious and begin to avoid participating in life due to fear of dizziness. This makes them vulnerable to chronic illness and ongoing symptoms. Our programs are designed to give patients strategies, tools and a recovery plan that compliment use of traditional medical treatments. Medications aim to numb symptoms for those who need their symptoms reduced. Our programs help clients to rewire their balance brain filters and to reduce their long-term reliance on medications. We offer anyone with anxiety related vertigo the additional benefits of customised treatment plans and ongoing 1:1 video support. We originally designed these online tools for our clients living in remote Australia. Now we have people in major cities signing up and being supported from home.

As noted on the Seeking Balance Australia website,, programmes available through the clinic are developed by Remenyi who is a vestibular audiologist, registered senior yoga teacher and mindfulness educator. The clinic's founder also specialises in neuroplasticity, the brain's innate capacity to restructure its synaptic pathways. Bringing to the practice almost twenty years of experience, Remenyi has likewise worked and trained with a number of renowned neurologists, ENT surgeons, psychologists and vestibular physiotherapists. The Seeking Balance approach to vertigo recovery requires that patients make a commitment to self-kindness and cultivate a mindset of curiosity. This is what they learn in the twelve week programmes.

Three primary options are currently being offered through the clinic: Beautiful Balance, Keep Calm and Thrive on, and Rock Steady. Each extends its own selection of audio and video tools, information and online support to feel belonging and motivated to commit to their recovery. The clinic's website also provides education on a number of inner ear disorders, their symptoms and effective treatment approaches. Further details are available at

Concluded the spokesperson, "We've seen thousands of people rewire their balance reflexes to overcome the frustrating, uncomfortable, exhausting and potentially dangerous effects of inner ear conditions, and we're excited to see thousands more thrive with our signature programmes. In this digital age, we encourage our clients to get started at home and recover at their own pace. We invite anyone who's ready to reclaim their balance to visit our website and learn more about the practical and effective tools at their disposal."

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Offering vestibular rehabilitation, audiology management, mindfulness training and a wealth of remote support and online resources, Seeking Balance Australia is where the science of neuroplasticity and the art of mindfulness collide. It’s where authenticity, practical strategy and gentle wisdom meet.

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