See the Great Influence of Reform and Opening Up in Guang’an for this Spring

Beautiful spring is coming and it’s also a good time to pay a visit to the city Guang’an. You can see the great influence of China's reform and opening up in this modern ancient city.

Guang'an, located in the heart place of Sichuan, is the hometown of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the “Architect of Modern China” who carried out China's socialist reform, opening up and modernization. This is an ancient city with a recorded history which can be traced back to more than 3000 years ago. This is also a young city. Since its establishment of the city’s government office in 1998, it has taken only 22 years to build a city with solid basement, high standard and refreshing spirit, from an ordinary small town in East Sichuan to a well developed city in Sichuan. Guang'an implemented the instructions of the great man Deng Xiaoping that "Development is the Absolute Principle", completed the transformation to a modern tourist city in the reform and opening up, and attracted visitors from all over the world with the strong charm shown in different aspects.

Here in Guang’an, you can visit the Formal Residence of Deng Xiaoping and follow his steps to the Hometown of Xiaoping, Former Residence Exhibition Hall, Hanlin Academy and Guang'an Middle School that are well preserved and where he studied and lived. You can also go visit Huaying Mountain “the Greatest”, Baoding Scenic Spot and Tianyi Valley Scenic Spot where you can appreciate great peaks and strange rocks, Buddhist culture, Karst caves, deep woods and bamboo forest and the historic landmark of Huaying Mountain Guerrilla where you can have a unique tourism experience. You can appreciate the profound connotation of traditional culture from the exquisite unearthed cultural relics of Anbing Tombs and the well preserved ancient buildings in old towns such as XiaoXi, YanKou and GuXian; There may also be "People of Xialiba", "Bayu Dance", "Bamboo Dance", "YunTong Dance" and "Yuechi Lantern Opera" "And other kinds of folk arts, from which we can feel the heritage of Sichuan culture; it is more likely to be attracted by countless local food such as Guang'an Salted Preserved Eggs, Long'an Pomelo, wusheng Mage Noodles, Yuechi Rice Noodles, Linshui Meat Dumplings and so on. However, no matter which aspect, it seems that none of them can summarize the attraction of Guang'an.

As an ancient city with a history of 3000 years in the east part of Sichuan, Guang’an possesses great tombs of Southern Song Dynasty, Beautiful Baoding Mountain and Huaying Mountain; As a city of time honored culture, Guang’an has been home of famous chinese generals like Pangxiong, Anbing and Lizhun and other great men like Deng Xiaoping and Pu Dianjun who was of great importance in history; As a city that call be seen as a geological Museum, Guang’an has stones of all shapes, waterfalls that can be found in deep caves, magnificent rivers and mountains stretching for 600 miles formed by the unique Karst Landform; As a witness of ancient Chinese wars, the Ruins of Ancient Ba People located in Guang’an known as the City Troy in the East. As a defensive military fortress and a living house, it keeps telling us stories of war and peace happened in 2000 years ago; As a city with vast and beautiful rural area, Guang’an has a cultivation culture of thousands of years in unique eastern Sichuan rural style. Such a attractive Guang’an is a reflection of China's reform and opening up. Whenever you visit here, you can feel the great vitality of spring in this city.

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