Secret World of the Vegas Strip Clubs Revealed: Book Tour Announced

Stilettos in Vegas — the new novel by longtime Vegas performer Valeria Diamond — exposes the secret world and documents the struggles of the Vegas stripper. Book tour with stops in Vegas, Miami, and other places.

LAS VEGAS. America has always had a fascination with strippers. From movies like Showgirls and Striptease to T-Pain's urban anthem “I'm In Love with a Stripper”, exotic dancers have found their way into the American consciousness for decades. Despite this pop culture presence, though, surprisingly little is documented about the world of the stripper — and this is doubly true for the struggles of a Vegas stripper in the secret world of Las Vegas strip clubs.

For years, Americans have been fascinated with Las Vegas strippers — and now, Stilettos in Vegas, a debut novel by Valeria Diamond, a veteran Vegas exotic dancer, takes readers behind the curtain, letting them see what really goes on in the high-priced, high-stakes, and high-glamour world of the Vegas strip scene.

What makes Stilettos in Vegas the definitive document of the Vegas strip scene? Diamond had this to say.

“Other books about the topic simply talk about what happens in strip clubs, how to be better as a stripper, or how women can use these skills on their men. Our book takes you into the mind and emotions of the stripper as she services the fantasies of her clients, while exposing the different types of clients and the secret and seductive world. Extending into club management, Vegas players, and ownership, leads the plot into fictional suspense and drama as the dancers are exploited. Our novel brings you the undisclosed world of exotic dancing, which meets action, suspense, and drama.”

Diamond believes that this book has appeal to all audiences:

“The book is educational, as it covers an area of life that only a handful of people understand. There is a general curiosity about the secret world of exotic dancing. Men want to know how it works and what the rules are to get close to some of the most beautiful women that they could never approach as they passed through life. These women are their fantasy, but they will not have their desires fulfilled unless they know the unidentified rules of the industry.”

“Women, on the other hand, are curious about the emotions of women working as strippers. They also want to gain an understanding of the dancer's life, inside and out of the club environment. Many women are either now strippers or contemplating becoming one, as they need to learn what the job is about.”

Indeed, the job is about a lot more than the performance. Diamond's novel takes the reader through a world full of big-budget ballers and shady club owners, and of the diverse collection of dancers who entertain them… for a price. For those who can't get to Vegas to see the action for themselves, is a good way to get the 411 on the Vegas strip club scene. Be sure to check the website for tour dates in 2014 in Vegas, Miami, and other places where adult entertainment is a way of life.

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