Seasoned Hiker Upgrades Outdoor Pack with Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit Enhances Hiker’s Backcountry Preparedness

Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kits are favored by many due to the wide assortment of supplies found in each pack. Surviveware’s growing popularity can be attributed to the unique features and rugged quality of its first aid kits. One of the company’s most popular hiking kits is the Small First Aid Kit. Containing 100 pieces of life-saving items, the kit is ready to tackle common injuries and wounds, such as punctures, lacerations, stings, sprained or twisted ligaments, exposure, concussion, and shock. It holds high-quality bandages, wraps, steri-strips, splinter probes, eye pads, trauma shears, tweezers, an emergency blanket, a removable CPR kit, and more.

The provisions are stored inside an 8” x 6” x 3” 600D polyester bag. The pack’s soft-shelled case provides enough storage for all the supplies, while leaving space for additional personal items, and is water-resistant. This makes the first aid hiking kit an excellent addition to any expedition where the pack may be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Resealable laminate pouches hold each supply and provide extra protection to the contents.

What truly makes the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit stand out from others is its organized and labeled compartments. The interior of the kit is divided into compartments that are marked with their contents’ name, quantity, and recommended use. The labeled compartments ensure that everything is stored in its proper place, making use of the medical kit in an emergency as stress-free as possible. Users no longer have to sift through piles of supplies; with a glance, they can see what they are looking for and its quantity and recommended usage. This system is also ideal for replenishing the supplies.

Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit, which is available on Amazon Prime, is portable and travel-friendly. Its exterior MOLLE-compatible straps can be attached to one’s hiking gear; the kit can also be hooked to a tent or hammock using a carabiner. This feature opens a wide array of options for storing, carrying, and transporting the kit.

Shawn, a Surviveware Amazon customer, shared his thoughts about bringing this first aid hiking kit on day hikes and excursions:

“I use this product for hiking--just in case. It is small enough to fit on the outside of my day pack. I could fit it inside but it would take up a lot of space with everything else I carry. The best part is every pocket is labelled making it great for identifying what you need and for restocking.”

Make sure you’re ready for your next hike with a backpacking medical kit. Get your Surviveware Small First Aid Kit today by clicking here.

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