Unveils a New and Improved Online People Search recently unveiled its feature-packed People Search tool in a long-awaited move that transparency advocates are calling a win for safety and security. recently unveiled its feature-packed People Search tool in a long-awaited move that transparency advocates are calling a win for safety and security. The public records giant now offers consumers the ability to search by name and record type, allowing users to sort data after zeroing in on the right person by viewing ages, locations, and known relations.

Knowing who you're dealing with, whether you're hiring a stranger to work in your home or you're checking out someone who's made suspicious claims, is absolutely essential to staying safe. According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, roughly 69 percent of organizations report conducting criminal background checks on job candidates. Even more telling is that the nationally recognized Employment Screening Benchmark Report says that 88 percent of those surveyed reported that screening exposed people who had previously lied.'s information-rich database pulls public records from a variety of sources, including private databases that contain information released by government agencies. Over the past two decades, disclosure statutes, commonly known as right-to-know laws, have gained a significant amount of traction in the interest of maintaining public safety and health. These laws serve fundamental purposes by allowing individuals to evaluate the risks and benefits of dealing with others, but until now, no company has effectively harnessed the technology to provide affordable, comprehensive reports.

Due to the confidential nature of the program, search subjects aren't aware that someone is checking up on them, and that can be tremendously valuable, particularly if the subject has a criminal history or unsavory connections.

SearchQuarry's cutting-edge algorithm retrieves updated records daily, including:

•   Arrests and arrest warrants

•   Bankruptcies and liens

•   Convictions

•   Current and past phone numbers

•   Current and past residences

•   Current contact information

•   Driving records

•   Felony charges

•   Misdemeanor charges

•   Parole and probation records

•   Past and ongoing criminal court cases

•   Social media accounts

The service is simple to use and can deliver comprehensive results within seconds. Users input the search subject's name and, if known, the subject's state of residence; searchers can choose specific types of records or perform a general search to compile a private dossier on the subject.

Users can choose to subscribe after a free trial period, making the service ideal for employers, public relations experts, and others.

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