SearchBlox Software, Inc. Introduces Solutions To Increase Business Efficiency

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Inefficiency costs business owners their precious time and money. See how SearchBlox's solutions are helping businesses everywhere do things more efficiently at

Some statistics show that inefficiency and a loss of productivity can cost some business owners 20 to 30 percent of their revenue every year. This means that those who seek out ways to streamline critical processes grow and thrive at a greater rate than those business owners who do not.

It is with these statistics in mind that SearchBlox Software, Inc., a premier provider of enterprise search solutions, is introducing their full suite of text analytics and data search software. For just about any data source that a business owner has access to, SearchBlox has developed a way to search through the information it contains with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Timo Selvaraj, a representative of SearchBlox Software, Inc., stated “Simply put, data is what drives business and company growth. Every day, companies need access to information in order to survey progress and make critical and time-sensitive decisions. SearchBlox’s full suite of solutions provides fast, multi-faceted search engines for this purpose. From CRM data within the Salesforce application to Amazon S3 buckets, businesses can use SearchBlox to gather the data they need quickly across many different sources. This, in turn, increases business efficiency and allows more time for the things that really matter.”

Selvaraj goes on to say, “While the enterprise search solutions we offer are robust, there’s even more that we can do to help businesses stay on top of their information. For just about any business, SearchBlox can take their corpus of text and turn it into rich insights. Our aggregation and analytics tools allow business owners to keep their pulse on their brand through customer response analysis and drive business growth through market research and employee feedback. Word clouds, tree maps, and sentiment analysis are just a few of the things our solutions can create that will help business owners make the decisions that are best for their companies.”

“From our enterprise search tools to our google search appliance replacement solution, we see it as our mission to make data aggregation and analytics easy for business owners. Using SearchBlox solutions, we truly believe that business owners will be equipped with exactly what they need to take their companies to the next level and beyond.”

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About SearchBlox Software, Inc.:

SearchBlox Software, Inc. is a privately held Richmond, Virginia-based leading provider of enterprise search solutions based on Apache Lucene. Over 300 customers in 30 countries use SearchBlox to power their website, intranet and custom search. SearchBlox Software, Inc. was founded in 2003 with the aim to develop commercial search products based on Apache Lucene. SearchBlox provides web based administration of your search server and comes with integrated crawlers to index your enterprise and web content.

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Name: Timo Selvaraj
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Organization: SearchBlox Software, Inc.