Search Campaign Tracking Platform Now Shows and Increases Leads

CampaignDash just added tracking tabs for form and call tracking for all search campaigns including SEO and Google AdWords campaigns.

OptFirst is always looking for ways to make the client experience more positive, transparent, measurable and workable. John Kriney, President of OptFirst and author of the 8 Step SEO Plan, understands that what business owners care the most about is the end result – new business. Using OptFirst’s proprietary and internally designed campaign tracking system, CampaignDash, OptFirst tracks, reports and provides the most relevant measurements about information for an internet marketing campaign.

John explains, “OptFirst’s guiding mission is to turn Clicks into Conversions. When OptFirst launches any SEO or Google Adwords campaign, the primary goal is increasing client sales. This means to drive search engine traffic to clients’ websites, optimize call-to-actions and get more phone calls and quote requests for clients than any other competitors.”

OptFirst clients can view real-time, easy to digest campaign data. CampaignDash can be viewed from any desktop or mobile device to see in real time how an SEO or Google AdWords campaign is performing. Clients get all complex campaign facts and figures in one easy to use dashboard, and no longer need to check 5-10 different websites for campaign updates, everything is integrated on CampaignDash. One of the most valuable sources of information is the lead tracking tabs. CampaignDash logs phone calls (once a huge blind spot for marketers and sales people) contact forms and lead boxes so that a company’s sales team never loses these valuable details.

This also allows OptFirst to find areas of opportunities and make adjusts so campaigns are constantly improving. Using CampaignDash, OptFirst has an upgraded ability to see all the points of a campaign in one spot and easily connect what works and what doesn’t for each campaign. This makes OptFirst’s Step 6, Investigate, much clearer for all parties. When analyzing the data, OptFirst has been able to make material changes on campaigns that increase quality clicks and ultimately turn into higher conversions.

This enhanced ability has paved the way for many more OptFirst success stories. A manufacturing client started with a nationwide SEO campaign. After six months and a highly prosperous campaign, the team noticed areas of opportunity and implemented display remarketing. After eight months, and seeing the huge benefits of paid advertising, the company decided to implement a Google Adwords campaign. This outcome lead to creating a shop that displays some of their premade products on their website, and will be used to advertise with Google Shopping.

About OptFirst:

OptFirst, founded in 2001, is the leading South Florida search marketing firm. With client exclusivity within industries and location, expert programmers a Google Certified team members earning a Google Partner status, OptFirst specializes in getting the best of each industry where they belong, first in Google. They specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) management, conversion rate optimization, website design/programming and reputation management.

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