SEAL Grinder PT Publishes List Of Best Home Equipment For CrossFit Enthusiasts

SEAL Grinder PT has published a new guide listing the top ten items individuals should source for their garage gym in order to see the maximum benefits from CrossFit.

Getting fit is high on the list of priorities for many people in the New Year, but finding the right approach can be difficult. Fortunately, millions of people around the world will swear by CrossFit, the charismatic leadership based fitness regime that has seen success after success and has grown into one of the most popular fitness clubs in the world. SEAL Grinder PT is a website owned and operated by a former Navy SEAL and CrossFit instructor Brad McLeod, and has just published an editorial recommending the best CrossFit equipment for a home gym.

The guide ( goes into detail about why every choice has found its place on the list, and includes detailed information on how the equipment can be used to vary the workout and make exercise more beneficial than ever.

What’s more, the article gives a recommended product from a top brand in every category so that people needn’t have to look far to source the right exercise equipment that won’t let them down when the going gets tough. The editorial even includes video demonstrations of the kind of exercises that can be achieved with each piece of equipment.

A spokesperson for SEAL Grinder PT explained, “The Navy SEALS are known for elite fitness, and CrossFit is a method that aims to bring elite fitness to the masses. Combining the two quickly becomes unstoppable, and our online SEAL training programs allow people to benefit from the same kind of coaching SEALS receive in transforming their fitness against the odds. This latest guide is designed to inspire people and to provide a road map to the right equipment, which will make all the difference in keeping the body guessing and sculpting a functional physique.”

About SEAL Grinder PT: SEAL Grinder PT provides online coaching for fitness enthusiasts who want to transform their bodies at home. Clients get the experience of a Navy SEAL (graduated BUD/S class 132 despite all odds and asthma) and CrossFit level 1 certified personal trainer, aiding them in their quest to crush their goals and propel themselves to a new level of fitness. The site is regularly updated with exercises, ideas and inspirations.

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