Sea-Tac Electric Emphasizes Importance Of Backup Generators For Home Medical Devices

Company urges those relying on life sustaining equipment to guard against blackouts.

Potentially life threatening conditions affect those of all ages from premature newborns to the elderly. Due to extensive advances in the medical field, those suffering from such illnesses are not bound to hospital rooms as they were only a few decades ago. Technology now allows patients with a range of conditions to enjoy the comfort of their own homes with in-home life sustaining equipment.
These devices require electricity to perform as they should; therefore, power outages can be detrimental to those depending on such equipment. With this in mind, Sea-Tac Electric founder Tom Hargreaves has launched a campaign to emphasize the importance of backup generators for patients relying on home medical equipment.

Hargreaves stated, "Power outages are frustrating for everyone. We are completely dependent on electricity, relying on it to power our televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, and practically everything else in our homes and offices. Some even count on electricity to charge their vehicles. An outage can bring entire cities to a standstill. For those in need of home life sustaining equipment, though, losing power is much more than an inconvenience; it can be a matter of life or death. This is why having a backup generator is vital."

Patients now have a wide range of equipment available to them including heart monitors, oxygen generation systems, sleep apnea apparatuses, home dialysis machines, nebulizers and numerous other devices. Some conditions warrant the necessity of heating and air conditioning for patient survival. While many medical devices feature battery backups for emergencies, those measures may not last the duration of a power outage.

A generator installed by a Seattle residential electrician can eliminate the danger of being deprived of the functionality of medical equipment when a home loses power. Hargreaves noted some factors to consider when determining the appropriate generator, explaining homeowners may choose between a system they manually switch on or one offering automatic backup when the home's primary power source fails. Whether the homeowner wishes to power the entire home or only a few key circuits is also a deciding factor.

Concluded Hargreaves, "As vital as having a generator is for those relying on home medical equipment, ensuring the home's primary power system is able to support the extra load created by such devices is equally important. Patients bringing life sustaining tools into their home for the first time may want to consider having one of our residential electrical design Seattle technicians perform an inspection to determine if their electrical system needs an upgrade to facilitate operating such equipment."

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