Screening and Searching - Synergy Advisors AI COVID- 19 Web Platform to benefit Patients and Physicians

Startup tech company Synergy Advisors AI has created a free, user-friendly web tool for both patients and physicians.

“In these uncertain times, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Synergy Advisors AI, a Tech startup, have developed a FREE Virtual Screening Tool to help patients understand their risk for COVID-19. By connecting patients and Physicians with, a TeleHealth Search Tool, Synergy Advisors AI brings the focus of healthcare back to where it belongs: the patient-physician relationship.”

COVID-19 has shaken the foundation of the entire healthcare system. Outpatient physicians have started closing the doors to their offices in order to keep their patients and staff safe. Patients want their COVID-19 questions answered but don’t know if they can reach their doctors. Physicians are facing economic side-effects from closing their doors and switching to virtual visits.

To continue to care for patients, physicians are switching to TeleHealth platforms to ensure they can care for their patients. By combining the FREE COVID-19 Virtual Screening Tool with the TeleHealth Physician Search Tool, patients can assess their risk and find their physician all in one page. Physicians can use the tool to assess if patients would benefit from a COVID-19 screening as well as direct traffic to their telehealth portal. Physicians can also use the tool to find other TeleHealth physicians to refer patients.

While COVID-19 is at the forefront of all our minds, patients still need to address their routine care, as well as, medical issues that arise. Some patients are turning to the hospitals/ER to address these concerns putting pressue on already dwindling resources. Physicians have found the solution in TeleHealth, but are unable to reach the masses. Thus, in order to connect patients to physicians, Synergy Advisors AI, a startup tech company, created a user-friendly web tool for patients and physicians alike. Physicians can register themselves as TeleHealth Physicians along with their contact information and patients can search for them. Synergy Advisors AI has provided this website as a public health service during this pandemic.

It is 100% free to join and free to send to all patients. The site also host a FREE COVID-19 Virtual Screening tool based on the CDC guidelines for risk assessment.

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