Scrapbook Craft Sets for Girls Promote Creativity, Less Screen Time

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SmitCo's horse scrapbook craft kits for girls age 5-7 keep children engaged for long hours, reducing screen-time significantly. The handy and versatile sets are ideal for parents who want to limit the negative effects of technology on their children.

SMITCO’s horse scrapbook craft sets for girls has officially relaunched on Amazon. The company, known for its line of creativity-inspiring products for kids, says its horse scrapbook is an ideal gift idea for girls between five to 10 years old. The horse-themed craft kid scrapbook has a secret pass-code lock, stickers, jewels, tape and a pen in a horse-theme to keep children busy for hours on end, and the company says this can help substantially with decreasing screen time in little ones.

A spokesperson from SMITCO LLC says, “Arts and crafts projects and all kinds of activities for kids are always welcomed by parents, because they keep kids entertained and help them learn some skills at the same time. Our scrapbook encourages creative writing, where little girls can write down all her dreams, thoughts and memories. With so many creative ways to use all the contents in our kit, there’s nothing to limit the imagination!”

Scrapbook kits are idyllic for endless hours of fun and play, says the company. They are a great alternative to screen-time, as they keep the child engaged for long hours. Besides play, the craft ideas for girls set impacts creativity and learning skills, as the little ones write their thoughts and memories.

SmitCo’s scrapbook includes a pass-code for security alongside 60 pages with unique designs added to the album for decoration. In addition, the scrapbook album can be personalized with the scented 3D jewel stickers and craft tape to truly make it unique.The craft kids gift set contains a total of 113 pieces of stickers and jewels for mixing and matching to absorb the child and provide hours of fun, creative play. SmitCo says one of the core purposes of offering the scrapbook kit is to keep the child busy, away from the TV, iPads and phones.

“My 3rd grader was OVER THE MOON when I gave her this scrapbook/journal set! The journal itself has a cute button lock that you use a code for, which means there is no key to lose. It comes with all kinds of jewels, scented stickers, a fancy pen, and a case to keep it all in. It’s seriously the perfect set for a little girl,” comments a happy Amazon customer.

According to SmitCo, its scrapbook craft kids set is the perfect present for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, or to take on vacations, summer or winter breaks, as well as sharing with friends at home or parties.

Those interested in finding out more information about the craft set for girls from SmitCo should visit its Amazon storefront or official website.







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