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Yacon molasses melts pounds off users in a short period of time reports

A recent CBS News report found that Americans spend approximately $61 billion a year on weight loss products and services, yet spending in this area decreased when the economy took a downturn. "Some experts wonder if that is really the reason why Americans are spending less in this area as some believe it is due to consumers learning about Yacon Molasses and its amazing weight loss benefits. Yacon Molasses remains an effective and affordable option for those looking to take pounds off and keep them off for good, " Kevin Logan of Yacon Molasses ( declares.

Yacon Molasses syrup contains 20 calories per tablespoon, making it a good low-calorie alternative to other sweeteners. The syrup works as a prebiotic and also helps to control Ghrelin levels in the body. Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for controlling hunger in humans and, when these hormone levels are kept under control, users feel less hunger and therefore take in less food. "Read Yacon Molasses Reviews to see why users fall in love with this product and how it benefits anyone wishing to lose weight and keep it off without fear of negative side effects, " Logan explains.

Those who purchase Yacon Molasses find this product is rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins A, C and E. The molasses comes from plants, helps to boost immunity and improve cholesterol levels while stimulating bowel and colon cleansing. In addition, it helps to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels and comes with a zero glycemic index, so diabetics can safely use it. According to Logan, users can't distinguish between Yacon molasses and sugar, making it the perfect product for use in cakes, sweets and more.

Clinical studies back up claims involving this particular product, including studies conducted by research institutes and health organizations, yet many find the testimonials of average users to be the most beneficial. Users explain they feel healthier, more alive and fitter with use of this product, and the need for one product instead of many is a wonderful improvement. As Logan points out, the fact that Yacon Molasses comes with fewer calories leaves customers thrilled.

"Try Yacon Molasses today as it is organic and pure and has been proven to be effective for weight loss and better health. The molasses offers the same benefits as found with Yacon root, with no side effects. Save money, lose weight and get healthy with the help of this product as countless others have done in the past," Logan proclaims.

About Yacon Molasses:
Yacon Molasses provides information on pure organic Yacon syrup, a product which not only provides FOS or vital prebiotic fiber, but also promotes weight loss while supporting a healthy metabolism. Rich in antioxidants, the molasses acts as a natural sweetener and increases body fitness levels, yet has no side effects. Yacon Molasses details what one can expect when making use of this product, while providing the science behind why it works, which is exactly what consumers look for when making a purchase.

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