Schwab IT Presents a New Type of Men's Magazine Titled FatalDose

The magazine offers witty, entertaining paragraphs and a few photos on topics such as sexy rides, and adventures designed to get the adrenaline pumping, reports

Schwab IT presents a new men's magazine named FatalDose, a magazine designed to provide men with the things they want most. The magazine eliminates all fluff, providing only witty, entertaining paragraphs and eye-catching photos on a variety of topics. Men find information on sexy rides, foods designed to make one's mouth water, breathtaking women, incredible adventures and more.

"FatalDose Man's Medicine is what men have been searching for, yet unable to find. Magazines typically contain boring articles filled with fluff, and the articles do nothing but waste one's time. This is never an issue when a man chooses to read FatalDose, as the articles are short and to the point and are accompanied by only a few photos. Men find they learn what they wish to without spending countless minutes trying to find the information they desire," Dominik Schwab, spokesperson for Schwab IT, declares.

Numerous men make a list of things they wish to do before they pass away, often referred to as a bucket list. Many wonder what they should put on a list of this type, yet it can be anything the man dreams of. Some wish to learn a martial art in their lifetime, yet others wish to face a fear. Items on the bucket list may include simple things, such as reconnecting with an old friend, or something more involved. No two lists will be alike, but everyone should have one.

"Don't hesitate to think big when creating this bucket list. Men often put becoming debt free on this list, then wonder how they will achieve this goal. Many live a debt free lifestyle and do so with ease. It's not as difficult as most think, although it will take time and effort on one's part. Others choose something simple, a skill that can be learned in one day, such as learning how to navigate with only a compass or how to build a fire. Make a list that means something and follow through with it. Life is short, so one should make the most of every minute and take advantage of the bucket list for men on Fataldose to come up with some ideas," Schwab proclaims.

For many, travel goes on the bucket list. When traveling, be sure to check out empty spaces and abandoned places, such as Centralia. Although Paris and Rome are nice, they won't capture one's attention quite the same way Centralia will. This small town in Pennsylvania was home to a mine, and this mine caught on fire in 1962. The fire continues today and is expected to continue for approximately 250 years.

"Centralia is only one of many empty spaces and abandoned places one might wish to explore. Others opt to check out the Ghost Towers of Bangkok or the Balaklava Nuclear Submarine Base. With the help of FatalDose, one can easily find somewhere they wish to travel, a new food they wish to try or see some beautiful women. The magazine offers something for everyone," Schwab promises.

About Schwab IT:

A digital magazine designed specifically for men, FatalDose is a product of Schwab IT. What makes this magazine differ from the many others offered today is it has no fluff. Instead, men find adventures designed to get one's adrenaline pumping, rides which are sexy, food which will make the mouth water, shiny new toys and women who are pleasing to the eye. All come with photos designed to catch one's eye along with a few witty, entertaining paragraphs. Fatal Dose leads the way in the future of men's magazines.

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