Schope Dental Launches New Care Initiative to Encourage Patient Option Exploration

A unique approach to restorative and cosmetic dental care results in healthier and more confident patients, publishes

Recent social surveys indicate an estimated 33 percent of American adults are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth whereas the number of teens falling into this category weighs in at a substantially higher 53 percent. The majority believe improving their smile will awaken a more active social existence and elicit a wider range of professional opportunities among other benefits. Experts insist the increase in such life altering advantages stems from the boost in self confidence gained through cosmetic dental solutions.

In an effort to encourage patients to be proactive in their oral health as well as aesthetics, Dr. Betty Jo Schope, DDS of Schope Dental has launched her "Excellence in Dentistry with a Woman's Touch" initiative. Dr. Schope elaborated, "People are often hesitant to explore their dental treatment options for a number of reasons. Some are afraid they have no options while others fear being judged harshly because of the state of their teeth. Our new initiative combines a few basic elements to treat our patients as effectively as possible."

The first component of Dr. Schope's restructured operation revolves around ensuring new patients positive first experiences with her practice. She and her staff encourage asking as many questions as needed for the patient to feel comfortable and fully educated moving forward. In order to reach this goal, Dr. Schope explains the initial exams and procedures as well as the patient's potential options.

Her dentistry offers whitening techniques, bonding, bridges, crowns, tooth colored fillings, veneers, implants, gum restructuring and a range of additional solutions. The practice's latest offering is the complete smile makeover for those who need more extensive treatment. More information regarding available treatments can be found at

Deemed "Partnership Through Treatment", the second derivative of the initiative is comprised of the full course of action determined following the inaugural visit. Dr. Schope believes in forming a partnership with her patients as well as with any other specialists needed to achieve optimum results. Decisions are made based on the expertise of the staff combined with patients' wishes. Should outside care be necessary, Dr. Schope will coordinate these efforts and keep the patient fully informed of all developments.

The final factor in the system is maintaining dental health, and this is an ongoing process. After patients gain the smile they hope for, Dr. Schope provides education on ensuring implants, veneers and other fundamentals last as long as possible; furthermore, she and her team schedule routine follow-up care in order to catch any developing issues in their earliest stages and prevent them from worsening.

Concluded Schope, "In conjunction with our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, this initiative ultimately creates a unique approach to dental care. We provide advanced treatments with compassion, and the end result is healthy, more confident patients who can proudly display their new smiles. We encourage anyone interested in a consultation to call our office or contact us via our website,"

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Practicing in her field for more than 20 years, Dr. Schope and her team approach dental care in a unique manner. With knowledge, compassion and thoroughness, she helps patients obtain confidence through oral health.

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