Savvy Workouts Reports New Gym Memberships Increase by 25 Percent in January

Individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals often make resolutions to do so, only to struggle as they don't have the right information to achieve their goal, announces reports numerous gyms see a 25 percent increase in new memberships during the month of January, the highest rate at any time during the year. Individuals often make New Year's resolutions, only to falter in the coming months. Savvy Workouts ( understands how hard it may be to stick to a resolution and offers tips to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

"Only two-thirds of those who make a New Year's resolution actually follow through on this resolution through the end of January. Of those who do, most won't follow through with their goals for an entire year. Savvy Workouts functions to help people achieve their fitness goals every time," Joe Hope, spokesperson for the site, explains.

Many look to 10 Minute Trainer as they feel they don't have the time needed to complete a longer workout. With the help of the 10 Minute Trainer Review, individuals get an in depth look at the program, allowing them to decide if the program is the right choice. Many assume they can do the ten minute routine and be done, but actually one must complete three ten minute sessions each day they do the workout to obtain the desired results. The review explains this, along with additional benefits and drawbacks of the program.

Hope states the program comes with the tools one needs to succeed, including pro-grade resistance bands and an eating plan. Bonus items consist of an abs routine, workout cards for exercise sessions away from the home, and a customized workout calendar. Some find the program to be a little costly, yet it still remains comparable to the price of a one month family membership to many gyms in the nation, and the fee is only paid one time.

Others choose to read the Ultimate Turbulence Training Review to see if it better meets their needs. This HIIT training method effectively burns fat in short, 30 second exercises. A study showed that doing this type of training results in increased burning of body fat, as the body works harder during the shorter sessions. The fact that this program only requires 90 minutes each week for amazing results explains why many wouldn't use anything else.

"Those who get bored easily love this program, as it offers a great deal of variety. Many struggle with plateaus, times when they continue to exercise, yet don't see any progress. Due to the variety of the workouts, this is never an issue, as the body doesn't adapt to the same kind of stress. Be aware that certain individuals, such as those with diabetes, should not use the program. The review covers this in more depth," Hope continues.

In addition to reviewing various workout programs, Savvy Workouts also discusses diet and nutrition, setting goals, and more. Anyone looking to get into better shape will find this site to be of great assistance. Learn how to stay motivated, how to develop healthy habits, and more, while choosing a program that is easy to adhere to and use on a regular basis.

"Guidance and support are available, if one knows where to look. Many turn to Savvy Workouts when they wish to know more about home workout programs, as the site offers comprehensive information on a number of programs and fitness topics. Visit the site today to learn more about how we can be of help to you in sticking to your resolution, not only this year, but in the years to come," Hope proclaims.

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