SaveAqua Tap is An Environmentally Conscious Way to Access Water in Remote Areas

The environmental movement has taken a giant leap forward with the SaveAqua Tap. This innovative new product is engineered to provide access to water in almost any setting with a container of water. Developed after years of personal experience in wilderness settings, the SaveAqua Tap allows campers, farmers, and people in remote or disaster-struck areas to easily regulate water usage. Additionally, SaveAqua is suitable for locations such as Africa, Asia and others where water is scares and can provide people with an efficient water managing solution.

The SaveAqua Tap can be attached to almost any type of water container and used to dispense water for consumption, bathing or cleaning purposes. The gravity actuated, self-closing tap prevents loss of precious liquids through its unique and simple design. This portable product can fit easily in a pocket or backpack and is ideal for hikers heading into the wilderness or emergency management workers attempting to distribute water to disaster survivors.

This pioneering new product is an ingenious alternative to other camping products which waste water or introduce potentially harmful chemicals into the environment. Its easy-to-use, lightweight design allows virtually anyone to install and operate a water-tight dispenser on tanks, bags or bottles.

SaveAqua is excited to offer others the opportunity to join this project on KickStarter. Supporters can offer financial support through contributions at, which comes with rewards including product samples, adapter accessories, and container suspension systems. These contributions will be used to complete the patent process, mass production and distribution strategies.

The SaveAqua team is also eager to share with others about this new product. Supporters who share this excitement are encouraged to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The team is also committed to sharing their astonishing new product with people everywhere, so they are eager to hear about new ways to use the tap, and organizations which can benefit from its use.

About Us:

SaveAqua is the brainchild of Canadian camping and environmental enthusiasts who after years of camping at sites with wasteful or inefficient water dispensers decided to produce a better design. To learn more about SaveAqua, please visit their website, or find them on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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