Sauna Sale West Linn, Spa Dealer Shares Self Improvement Tips for the New Year

West Linn Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Saunas Dealer, Oregon Hot Tub Publishes, “Ring In the New Year Right with These 3 Self Improvement Tips.”

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving West Linn, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is proud to share tips for self-improvement in the New Year.

Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub said that without a continued effort toward self-improvement, people face many difficulties, from a lack of self-esteem to a simple cessation of learning. The best and most basic steps toward a better self are those that can be adopted as a philosophy, or part of daily life.

Here are three self-improvement tips to help start the New Year off right.

Soak Daily for Better Physical and Mental Health – Starting off, or ending each day, with a soak in a hot tub will improve daily life in many ways. A portable spa in the backyard or on a porch gives anyone in the home the ability to escape from stress and frustration at any time of the day. It goes much further than simply being a pleasurable experience. The heated water and massage jets also reduce stress from every day events, struggles and frustrations. The buoyant water takes the weight off of injured or stressed muscles and joints. The massaging jets work out kinks and help the body de-stress mentally, physically and emotionally.

Soaking in a hot tub for as little as 20 minutes before bedtime also helps the body get to sleep faster, sleep better and wake up more refreshed. It increases blood flow to muscles and joints, and also to the brain for improved concentration and memory functions. Having a portable spa at home also helps people relax with friends and family so they can better enjoy downtime.

Accept Some Failure – It’s hard to feel okay about failing. However, no one gets through life without experiencing some setbacks. Failures are okay, and evidence of striving to do more and better things. People can’t fail if they never try. Letting failures stop efforts, and giving up because things didn’t work out as planned, is where failure can become a blockage that is bad. Learn to understand what failures really are, a chance to learn where mistakes happened and how to correct them to move forward more effectively. Never let them stop future efforts.

Learn New Things – Make a habit of learning new things every day. Whether it is a brand-new field, or a new way of doing something ordinary in daily life, people who continuously look for better ways to do things, and new information have a better chance to feel better about themselves and live better lives. Get a trivia deck and learn a new fact every day.

The Internet is also an invaluable tool for learning new things every day. Learning for the sake of learning, even if it has nothing to do with every day jobs or chores, enriches the mind and keeps people mentally alert. Another good resource is a community college, or even a local community center bulletin board with lists of local classes or events.

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