SAT Preparation Group Begins Providing Free Consultations, Institutes E-book Giveaway

SAT Preparation Group is starting to offer free in-home or online consultations and an E-book to students and parents.

The SAT and the ACT are rites of passage for students: a means to prove their knowledge and prowess, allowing them to gain entrance to the college of their choice. The results of the test are just as important as the test itself, for simply taking the test is not enough. The score represents the keys to success. The higher it is the more options a student will have for higher education. With an average increase of 341.9 points per student, the SAT Preparation Group has taken its place as a viable method for empowering students to achieve the highest scores possible on their SAT and/or ACT tests.

There are many options available for SAT preparation, and while many will promise results, few consistently deliver. That is why the SAT Preparation Group is offering multiple avenues to entice potential students to unlock their potential. The best part is these offers are completely free! It all begins with a free in-home or online consultation. Through a simple form on the website, students can provide basic information and request their free consultation within minutes!

In addition to this fantastic offer, the SAT Preparation Group is also offering a free downloadable E-book entitled “The SAT/ACT Dominance Kit.” This gift is available immediately after the student has provided a few simple pieces of basic information. At this point, an email will be sent to the student or parent with a download link. The kit includes an introduction to the holistic guidelines that have made the company so successful thus far. It also includes valuable tips such as nutrition, stress management, and mental dominance recommendations, in addition to test-taking techniques, and a sample homework guide.

It is no secret that students who score higher on the test gain access to more prestigious schools. The top ten percent of scores are far more likely to gain entrance to a State University or Ivy League college of their choice. In addition, high scores can also open up doorways to valuable scholarships. Those who neglect to truly pursue their potential will be forced to take high school level math and/or English classes over again, while paying college prices for each one. With a high score on the SAT or ACT, these entrance level classes can be bypassed entirely, saving the student time and money.

While these tests can be daunting, ultimately they can be conquered through proper training and preparation. The SAT Preparation Group provides a unique holistic approach, targeting both the body and the mind. By providing training from elite coaches, in addition to tactics to keep stress levels low and focus high during the actual test, students have the knowledge to maximize their score, and the tactics to keep themselves invested throughout the duration of the exam. All of this can be viewed and sampled through both the free in-home or online consultation, and through the free E-book download that the SAT Preparation Group offers. “Seeing is believing” as they say, and students can glimpse their potential today, absolutely free and with zero obligation.

About the SAT Preparation Group ( In 2001, Steve Kirshenbaum started the SAT Preparation Group out of sheer frustration with the conventional methods of preparing for the exam. He sought to reinvent the business with key elements like peak performance, test taking tactics, and simplification techniques. Since its inception, the group has grown immensely, serving students both in-home and online around the world through a variety of courses multimedia courses. The group is offering consultations both in-home and online, in addition to a free E-book download, absolutely free of charge.

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