Sao Paulo Firm Builds Bespoke E-Commerce Platforms

The company out of Brazil offers a unique idea for e-commerce platforms. Instead of a one-size-fits-all, the Beta Labs firm creates and builds according to the needs of a specific client.

Betalabs is pleased to announce the establishment of a complete and flexible e-commerce platform. The purpose of the unique designs ensures that customers will be able to have a better conversion rate. The firm is a complete virtual store, flexible and integrated ERP. The company specialized in wholesale, retail and subscription services. The company can also provide B2B, customized products or other innovative development. The expert team is able to develop solutions based on the cutting edge technology in order to complete the project in the most effective manner.

Speaking in a recent interview, a spokesperson for Beta Labs explained, “We believe that intelligence and technology are best treated as partners. We create tools which make the lives of our customers easier and more intuitive. Mobility is important, so our solutions are usable on multiple platforms. They can be accessed from any device that is internet-ready.”

“Our quality and growth” he continues, “are based on our proprietary technology which makes developing new tools fast, efficient and safe. Because we are focused on our people, we have developed a top team comprised of engineers and computer scientists from the best institutions of higher learning in the country.

The company has the technology and trained professionals who are able to create customized systems which meet the specifications of the client's business. Every part of the project can be mapped and developed from A to Z. The professionals are able to work with various languages in order to generate dynamic, fast, secure and scalable content.

Beta develops all applications in the Cloud, and have already completed many modules and tools which be applied to other projects. The project can be completed more quickly and with better value in the investment. Software which is simple and focused is designed to do what is needed and nothing more.

Contact Info:
Name: Sergio
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Organization: Betalabs
Address: Rua Urussuí 300, 9º Andar, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55(21)96683-0447

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