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San Vuon Truc Xinh has provided full-service landscaping for its customer

San Vuon Truc Xinh, the leading unit in landscape design and construction in Ho Chi Minh city, has announced to provide service from design to construction landscape for a residential house.

One of the unique points of San Vuon Truc Xinh is Japanese gardens. Landscape designers of the company are experts in designing sumptuous gardens in minimal space. These designers can make the illusion of distance and solitude in a crowded area. Even when there's a lot of space available, the attractiveness of Japanese design will allow it to be a more preferable choice. Many gardens through the world have embraced this style and produced a mini Japan in their midst.

Japanese backyard design makes extensive use of constructions, rock, flowing water and lush crops and flowers. Using just a few components, an artistic garden area can be produced. The main components of Japanese gardens are asymmetry, adverse space, and strong objects. No straight line or structured hedges and paths like an English backyard. The Japanese motif follows nature, which seldom has straight lines. The open or negative distance can be crucial therefore there is no crowding of crops or items in the garden.

“Water plays a huge role in Japanese landscaping, and if distance permits, a beautiful koi pond is going to be included. The sound of water is also very important, so if there isn't enough room for a waterfall, a little basin with water circulating may do the trick. If it's impractical to have water, we often make the illusion of it by creating a flowing path made of rock. If you're searching for a serene place for fun and contemplation, consider a Japanese backyard as the perfect solution.” The head of the design team said.

Implementation procedures of Truc Xinh: Topographic survey; Price Proposal; Designing a 3D drawing perspective for customers to browse; Contract Signing; Construction; Warranty, maintenance, support to handle problems later for all customers.

Type of project that the company has conducted for 20 years: Design and construction of gardens, design construction of koi fish ponds, miniatures, waterfalls, rockery, water music works, fountains to landscape maintenance service.

About the company
San Vuon Truc Xinh brand is owned by Ngu Sac Joint Stock Company. Operated by Mr. Nguyen Cong Ba, co-founder of the company, with a team of young landscape architects, Truc Xinh brand was born with a mission of sustainable development. With the support of advice and guidance from experts and architects top landscapes and artisans in Japan, Truc Xinh Garden has been investing in construction and commercial design as well as making continuous efforts to affirm its position as the most professional landscape company in Viet Nam.

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Contact Info:
Name: Nguyen Cong Ba
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Organization: San Vuon Truc Xinh
Address: 485 Cong Hoa, Ward 15 , Tan Binh District , HCMC
Phone: +84 962 53 54 56

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