San Jose Dentist is Offering New Operation Helping Treat Receding Gums With Less Pain Than Traditional Surgeries

Today's Dentistry is offering a new, incision free operation to help treat receding gum problems, using the pinhole surgery technique

Mouth and oral care is an aspect that affects a person’s overall health, which is why it’s important to find a trustworthy dentist. Today’s Dentistry is a family dentist that provides excellent work for those in the San Jose area. Today’s Dentistry is constantly looking to discover new dental techniques in order to provide the best possible care for patients. One new surgical method that the practice uses is the Pinhole Surgical Technique, an operation that helps with gum recession.

The new operation is performed by creating a small pinhole made by a needle, where the doctor then loosens the gum tissue to help glide it over the receding area of the tooth. The operation results in an excellent, natural looking smile with less pain and discomfort that is found with other forms of treatment.

Peter Lee, DDS, is the leading doctor of dental surgery at Today’s Dentistry. Doctor Lee is a dentist who is always studying the latest techniques and procedures in oral care, to provide the best possible standard of care to his patients.

A spokesperson for Today's Dentistry helped provide a detailed description of the operation first-hand, “The new surgery presents an easier way of resolving a common problem that affects many individuals. Before, treating gum recession was painful, bloody and could take a couple of days to recover from. With the pinhole technique, people can look and feel better in a matter of hours. Dr. Lee prides himself in keeping up with the latest innovations in treatment, and this provides our patients with the smile they’ve been looking for.”

About the business and its staff: Today's Dentistry is a modern dental clinic with the tools required to offer patients in the San Jose area a wide variety of surgical and cosmetic dental services. Dr. Peter Lee is a graduate of University of California, and occasionally volunteers his time at the UCSF School of Dentistry. Today’s Dentistry provides a warm and welcoming environment with the most advanced technology and techniques available.

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