San Francisco Public Riders Still Fearful In Light of Recent Crimes

Following recent weeks of crimes targeting Muni buses, the BART station, and other public transportation systems, the public hasn't yet come to terms with these MTA findings publishes a few days ago.

In light of the recent plight the country has faced with robberies, acts of vandalism, and mob violence that targeted key public transportation stations in metropolitan cities, the Muni buses in San Francisco are said to have seen the lowest number of crimes this year than in the previous five, the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) reported last week.

With bus and train riders keeping extra cautious every day following news of a woman being dragged off the bus and beaten, as well as the mob of teens that infiltrated the BART station trains two weeks ago, it’s clear that the SFMTA is shedding light on the real level of risk a public rider takes despite what has transpired in recent memory.

The data shows that post-March 2016 to now is meeting the target figure of a 10-percent reduction in crimes per 100,000 miles (of the Muni transportation system), matching the numbers found during the very safe 2010-2013 period.

The report published in the beginning of this month shows a clear drop in all types of crime, from robberies, assaults and burglaries to larcenies, acts of vandalism, and other property and violence-related crimes.

The SFMTA report generates a taxonomy of crimes that occur every month, so homeowners living near a Muni bus service can compare the figures themselves. The February 2017 findings will be compared with those of March 2016, for now.

March 2016 (per 100,000 miles):
• Robberies – 0.6
• Assaults – 0.5
• Burglaries – 0.1
• Larcenies – 2.1
• Acts of vandalism – 0.8
• Other – 3.5

February 2017 (per 100,000 miles):
• Robberies – 0.4
• Assaults – 0.4
• Larcenies – 1.5
• Acts of vandalism – 1.0
• Other – 0.5

San Francisco as a whole, however, is a different story. The FBI “Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, January—June 2016” report is the latest to have been published, and it found violent and property crimes to have peaked at 2,987 and 22,833 respectively throughout that period. And the instances of documented crimes in 2015 weren’t encouraging either, topping 6,914 total crimes per 100,000 people and exceeding that of the national average by 127 percent.

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