San Diego Doctor Offers Drug Free Anxiety Treatment & Care in San Diego.

Doctor relies on own personal experiences with anxiety to help others deal with this debilitating disorder without prescription medication.

People who suffer from any of the 13 types of anxiety, commonly known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, often find getting help is difficult. Finding someone who both understands and can help is next to impossible.

Dr. Dianne Ruth is one person who both understands and can help. She suffered from generalized anxiety and panic attacks for seven years beginning in 1979. Now, she’s turned that experience into a way to help others with drug-free anxiety treatment and care.

As one of the few anxiety treatment and care doctors in San Diego, she talks briefly about how it affected her life and what she did to overcome it in the story "My 7 Years in "Anxiety Hell”.

“I sweated, shook, couldn't get my breath, my heart raced, I was dizzy, and I thought I was going to die. I also lived in constant fear of having another panic attack,” she writes. “Nobody understood what was wrong with me. I was prescribed all kinds of pills that made me feel even worse. I sunk into a depression born of hopelessness.”

During those seven years, she determined to do something about her condition. She enrolled in college to get a doctorate in psychology. Dr. Ruth has since become a widely respected drug-free anxiety treatment and care specialist.

“I know what you are going through,” she said. “I’ve been there. I have the scars to prove it. When you come to me, you’re coming to someone who listens, who knows, who understands. You are also coming to someone who wants to help you.”

Dr. Ruth, owner of Dynamic Resources offers drug-free anxiety treatment and care for anxiety / panic attacks as well as the 11 other specific types of anxiety disorder with a 97 percent success rate. She reports the majority of her clients are completely healed within three to five months. It’s not just people seeking anxiety treatment in San Diego who come to her. People from the entire state and even other states come to her for help. She often administers treatment over the phone for those who can’t come to her office or prefer not to.

“I can only credit my client for my success. With my help they have turned their lives around and gone on to tell other people,” she said. “Because I offer drug-free anxiety treatment and care, people who want to avoid psychiatric drugs prefer to come to me.”

Her website offers many tips for people to try to see if they can manage the symptoms of their anxiety disorder until they achieve a complete recovery with professional help.

“I feel this is very important. If you can do this, with what help I can give you on my website, then we both win. I’ve helped you and you have proven you have what it takes,” she said. “But sometimes, you need a bit more. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with needing help. I needed help to get past my own anxiety and panic attacks: what I learned, I pass on to my clients. You still beat anxiety because I do nothing more than show you how to simply and easily release and clear the “root” causes, leaving you feeling confident, relaxed and energized.”

Offering drug-free anxiety treatment and care is also very important to her because she believes people don’t need to develop chemical dependencies. That, she said, is just exchanging one problem for another.

For more information about Anxiety Treatment & Care from Dr. Ruth in San Diego, visit her on the web, call (858) 560-0439.

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