San Antonio Pediatrician Dr. Ruiz-Healy Josephine, M.D. Launches Updated Website

The website of Dr. Ruiz-Healy offers comprehensive information to parents and care-givers about a range of subjects including vaccinations, immunizations and child development.

Dr. Josephine Ruiz-Healy M.D., San Antonio pediatrician is pleased to announce that her website has been updated to include comprehensive and current information about children's growth and development. Some of the focus in the practice includes immunizations and vaccinations, as well as general health for youngsters. The doctor also is available for performing sports physicals when adolescents or older children want to participate in sports activities. General development information and education for youngsters and their parents are also present on the website.

According to Dr. Ruiz-Healy, “Parents and caregivers want honest and current information about their child's development. It is easy to become concerned about issues such as whether the youngsters is growing physically and mentally at the expected rate. Delayed speech, out-of-normal range height, weight or comprehensive can be worrisome to the parent. We have the expertise to assess your youngster and put your mind at rest.”

“Information about immunizations and vaccination schedules is another topic which we share with parents" she continued. "We can track the appropriate schedules to ensure that your child is compliant with the governmental regulations. We also offer seasonal immunizations such as flu vaccines. Older children and adolescents may need accurate information about drugs, alcohol and sexual activities. We provide information and educational tools on our website, as well as in the office in a face-to-face setting."

For children who develop worrisome symptoms, the clinic can provide the information about whether emergency intervention is needed. No one wants to be a frequent visitor at the emergency clinics, To prevent such visits, a doctor-patient relationship is important. The doctor gets to know the parent and the child, and the family develops a trust relationship with the doctor. There are many illnesses and conditions that are particularly associated with children. When a child has a middle-of-the-night asthma attack, parents will welcome a doctor they know and trust.

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