San Antonio Home Security Systems - We Ranked the Top 5 Companies

PHOENIX,AZ / May 10, 2014 / After studying and scrutinizing many home security systems available for consumers to purchase today, the team at has published individual reviews of its ranking of the top 5 home security companies in San Antonio, TX.

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Aside from the many features to compare in home security systems, the costs - both upfront and ongoing - can be quite significant. Because many home security companies require a contract, a homeowner may have to live with their security system until their contract is up.

Young explains that in carrying out in-depth analysis into home security systems - and the companies that offer them - there are several things that homeowners should look for before making their final decision.

1. Hardwired or Wireless. For older homes, installing a hardwired home alarm system can mean drilling into walls, then routing wires. This can be a long and tedious process - not to mention messy. A wireless system can be a great alternative for older homes or homes that are already fully constructed. "Besides, a wired system is more easily disarmed by a would-be burglar than a wireless system," explains Young.

2. Two-Way Voice. This is a great modern feature of advanced home security systems. It allows homeowners to be in touch with the security monitoring center through a simple interface in the control panel. In other words, homeowners can be "instantaneously" connected to the monitoring center, rather than having to wait for a phone call. For the elderly, handicapped, or people with limited mobility, this two-way voice feature can be especially valued.

3. Remote Access. Today, people live in a busy world, and are often on the go. Having remote access to control, arm, and disarm their home security system provides them with not only convenience, but peace of mind. Remote access means that the homeowner can control their security system by a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Young mentions that "not all home security systems have smartphone access," so consumers should make sure the home security system they’re considering has this feature if it is important to them.

4. Amount of Sensors. Bar none, a strong home security systems should have sensors placed on every door and every window. And consumers shouldn’t have to pay extra fees for these sensors, notes Young. Some companies only provide a certain number of sensors per package. "Fortunately, some security companies offer all-inclusive sensors," Young explains. "Consumers that look for systems that offer all-inclusive sensors can reduce their overall home security system costs."

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5. Bells and Whistles. Consumers should look for companies that offer "extras". Things like additional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are often added giveaways. If the home security system is being installed in an elderly home, some home security companies offer special necklace pendants that can be activated during a medical crisis.


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