Salt Water Fishermen Will Never Come Home Empty Handed Again

Fisherman everywhere struggle to catch fish. Most anglers leave home with optimisitic visions of catching a ton of fish, only to return with a fish story about how the big one got away. Now, for salt water anglers, everything is changing.

National Fish Habitat, a nonprofit that studies where fish live, reports that “America’s nearly 60 million anglers are estimated to spend $46 billion per year on fishing equipment, transportation, lodging and other expenses associated with their sport… Despite the economic difficulties facing the U.S. economy over the past five years, the total amount spent on sport fishing, which encompasses tackle, travel and other equipment, grew five percent.”

But did these same Americans catch any fish, is the question. Iconic Americana singer-songwriter Bob Dylan gave us this famous lyric on his Subterranean Homesick Blues album:  “You don't need a weather man, To know which way the wind blows." The same is true for fishing. You don’t need a fisherman, To know that most of those 60 million anglers don’t come home with fish most of the time.  Anyone who’s been fishing, knows the feeling of walking into the house empty-handed, with only a fish story to tell – about how the big one got away.

Luke Simonds, co-founder of Salt Strong, a Tampa, Florida-based, game-changing company that teaches anglers how to catch more salt water fish online, provides this explanation: “Historically, people learning how to fish had only three options – one, attend a full-day, live fishing seminar, two, hire a private fishing guide for the day, or three, watch countless fishing shows or YouTube videos that hopefully contain the right guidance. The problem with the first option is that it eats up a ton of time and the information comes fast and furious, like drinking water from a fire hose. As for the second, for many amateur fishermen the cost of a private fishing guide is simply too much for their pocketbooks. And the third option takes up way too much time. Not to mention, none of these traditional options come from a single course that can be easily repeated. There is a now fourth option that has never been available before.”

Despite its leisurely ways, catching fish is not easy for a bunch of reasons.  At core, it’s both an art and a deep science. “The fish weren’t biting” is the most common refrain given by most unlucky anglers, both weekend and serious alike, but truth be told, at the end of the day someone on every lake always seems to be taking bunches of fish off the boat or weighing in at the conclusion of every tournament.  That’s because, like people, fish eat every day. And fish are caught simply because someone has tossed in the right bait or right lure with the right hook at the right place at the right time.  How certain fisherman seem to do it time and again is the mystery.

“Bait, tackle, gear, technique, wind (too much or lack of it), temperature (too hot or too cold), location, noise and, of course, finesse -- all matter.  Only certain fisherman catch fish every time because they have learned, by luck, experience or long study, which combination of things works best in which waters. Salt Strong seeks to completely disrupt the sport fishing industry by making that knowledge available to everyone,” says its other founder, brother Joe Simonds.  “It’s in the process of collecting and creating all the best fishing how-to’s from across the planet, then hosting them on one convenient website online, free or affordable to anyone and accessible to anyone. Specific information about locations, fish, lures, bait and what works and what doesn’t will now be available at the fingertips of all salt water fishermen, thus enabling them to catch more fish quicker than they ever dreamed and to spend less time fishing and more time catching.”

The days of pulling out the rod and reel and winging it, or devoting huge chunks of time and money to learn new fishing tips, shortcuts, and techniques, are soon to be over.  Modern technology and the Internet is putting everything an angler needs to know at his or her fingertips, before he or she leaves their house – or in some cases, while fishing.  With cheap and easy accessibility to deep information online, from real-life examples to compelling tutorials offered by companies like Salt Strong, fishermen may never come home empty-handed again.


Salt Strong was founded in 2015 by two incredibly passionate anglers named Joe and Luke Simonds. The two brothers sold their financial marketing business in 2014 to pursue a dream that they have held for over a decade… “To help the world catch more fish in less time.” The Salt Strong brothers use their love of fishing combined with their ability to teach and entertain, to disrupt how salt-water fishing is taught, shared, and enjoyed around the world.

Salt Strong aims to teach as many people about the joy of fishing as they can, as the founders truly believe people that fish are happier, more fulfilled, and can pass on this important right of passage to their kids and grandkids.

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