Salt and Pepper Grinders Company Comments on the Best Varieties of Peppercorn for Grinding

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Urban Noon, the premium culinary tools brand that sells salt and pepper grinders, has released new information on the varieties of peppercorn that are used for grinding purposes.

Salt and pepper grinders manufacturer Urban Noon has recently commented on the different types of peppercorn that are appropriate for grinding, as a part of their latest campaign promoting healthy cooking activities.

Grinding fresh salt and pepper on top of home-cooked meals is one of the best ways to elevate a simple homemade dish to gourmet chef status. Right from the superior flavor profile, it provides to the fresh aroma it adds, freshly ground condiments are an absolute must for modern kitchens looking to bring a touch of class and finesse to their daily cooking.

Representative at Urban Noon says: “Adding freshly ground salt and pepper is not just something that’s done by people to adjust the taste of their dish to their palette, it is a bona fide method to make meals a lot more delicious, while also adding a sense of drama and flair while prepping and finishing a meal. We’re glad to see that this practice is now bleeding beyond the professional kitchens and entering regular households, with the help of electric and manual salt and pepper grinders.”

Freshly ground peppercorn is usually added to dishes to bring out an earthy, spicy flavor. Black pepper, the most common variety, is great for enhancing the flavor of savory dishes, from meat to seafood to vegetables. Although coming from the same plant as the black peppercorn, white pepper is the ripe peppercorn berry and tastes hotter than black peppercorn while being less complex in flavor. It’s great in white dishes such as Alfredo sauce and mashed potatoes, making for a pleasing and seamless dish.

Green peppercorn, also known as Szechuan peppercorns, are great in Chinese dishes, and can often be found in Thai, French, and Western European cuisine. Pink peppercorn, which is actually the dried berry of the Peruvian Peppertree, is great with vegetables and poultry. However, it should be avoided by people with tree nut allergies. Rainbow peppercorn, a popular item, is just a combination of all the peppercorn varieties available in the market. For best results, it is recommended that only dry, hard, whole peppercorns should be used, that are 0.2” (5mm) or less in diameter.

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