SafeVault, New Safemoon Rewarding Crypto, Gives Massive Compounding Interest, 7x More Rewards.

The new SafeVault token, aims to revolutionize decentralized finance by providing compounding interest by rewarding in Safemoon.

Binance Smart Chain: A new big player has emerged in the crypto community. Created by Safemoon lovers and backed by popular Safemoon community members, SafeVault is revolutionizing what it means to hold on for dear life. The new SafeVault token takes tokenomics to the next level by making it cheaper to buy and more expensive to sell, lowering the purchasing fee to only 5% and adding on to the sales fee, which sits at 30%. 20% of each sale is rewarded back to Vault holders directly to their wallets as Safemoon. Since launch on Wednesday, July 28, individuals holding SafeVault have seen 300%+ more rewards in Safemoon than just holding Safemoon alone and receiving reflections.

SafeVaults 30% sales fee encourages long-term investors to hold and gives power to 22% total Safemoon rewards on transactions.

“People are excited. Once they sit down and look at the math, it just works. We’ve carefully designed the token to be a compounding interest cash cow, while complimenting Safemoon by burning their supply. We also intend to donate Safemoon funds from our marketing wallet to small businesses in the Gambia and any other country that endorses Safemoon,” says Eric, a development team member.

The Safemoon community is incredibly bullish on the token’s future, while the team is also in the process of developing further long-term use cases for this holder’s token. “The crypto community has been begging for this. The only sure-fire way to prevent people from dumping a token is pretty simple… you just make it more expensive to sell and more incentivizing to hold,” added Mike, another development team member. More info on everything related to SafeVault can be found on their website,

SafeVault can be purchased on Pancake Swap and the contract address is 0xe2e6e66551E5062Acd56925B48bBa981696CcCC2.

Contact Info:
Name: Eric
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Organization: SafeVault

Release ID: 89039816