SafeRoute Networks: Providing Set-it and Forget-it Parenting for Your Home Network

Tame the Internet with service that enables selective control of devices and content blocking

Leominster, MA / Mar 11, 2014 / Do you have a 17 year-old that can't stop Instagramming? A 15 year-old addicted to a shoot-'em-up online game? How about a 13 year-old trying to self-teach health education? Do you not have any idea at all what your child is doing online when he or she should be doing homework instead?

Not a problem.

SafeRoute Networks, LLC now offers to set you up with all the controls one would need in order to put network curfews (per American Association of Pediatrics) on a special network set up just for the youngsters.

Don't know what a Domain Name Server (DNS) is or how to set it up? You don't have to. SafeRoute will set up your DNS so that the network will block unwanted internet content for everyone in your home, or even provide you with logs of internet access from your home network.

Think about it. You pay a bill for internet access on a regular basis, which is probably over $1,000.00 per year, but don't know how to control it. For a fraction of your annual internet bill, a one-time expense with SafeRoute will enable you to control the who, what, when and where of what goes over your network.

Want to make sure only your instagrammer is disconnected from the network half-hour before bedtime? Now you will be able to set a special rule to do that just for that device. Or, for a small fee, SafeRoute will create a custom rule for you.

The internet is infinite. Rather than allowing your child to spend valuable time catching up on the latest viral videos, allow SafeRoute to set some boundaries that will encourage him to choose wisely how to spend his limited time online.

Contact: Michael Souza,, (978)771-1350

Source: SafeRoute Networks, LLC

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