Launches Promising The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In The US

Safe Auto Trust has launched with much fanfare offering the lowest auto insurance rates anywhere. They have created a video that explains the current state of car insurance rates in the US along with guidance as to how to find lower rates.

The priority of many people seeking car insurance is to pay as little as possible. Because of this, there are a great many budget car insurance companies out there who will offer the cheapest auto insurance possible, but this comes at a cost of both the cover offered and the huge excesses paid if a claim needs to be made. Recently launched Safe Auto Trust believes in helping people lower their car insurance premiums safely, while still getting the right cover to protect individuals, their families and their vehicles. The site has published a video describing the current state of the insurance industry, and how drivers can save.

The video, just a minute and forty seconds long, packs in a huge amount of detail and statistics on the average price paid by drivers, the increase in premium for men and young drivers, and how all drivers can begin to reduce their premiums through actions they can take, getting the cheapest car insurance without sacrificing on cover.

The site also provides a local insurance company price comparison service that allows people to find the cheapest providers in their area, the site even offers a quote from each insurer almost instantly. If the quotes look attractive, users can then choose which companies to contact, instead of being pestered having handed over their contact details.

A spokesperson for Safe Auto Trust explained, “The video was a great way for us to introduce the current state of the insurance industry to users so they know what ballpark they’re playing in. Setting realistic expectations helps people understand just how much they are saving by following our tips and strategies, and using our no obligation price comparison service. We only syndicate reputable providers, so users needn’t worry about being stung by holes in their cover, while still being able to look forward to affordably priced automobile insurance. Our sole focus is to help visitors find the cheapest car insurance available but with cover that matches their needs.”

About Safe Auto Trust:
Safe Auto Trust understands that consumers need the lowest price possible when it comes to auto insurance, and that customers also want the right amount of coverage to keep their family safe and protected from life’s unfortunate accidents. Safe Auto Trust offer cheap rates, excellent coverage and local representatives who are there every step of the way.

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