Safe Water IO Raised Cognizance for Effective Legionella Risk Assessment

Safe Water IO, a top legionella risk assessment company in the UK, recently took the initiative to spread alertness amid local property owners. Their primary aim was controlling risk exposure to such water system diseases.

Safe Water IO, one of leading legionella risk assessment companies in the UK, recently addressed the importance of regulating diseases in water systems. According to their assessment officials –

“Legionella Pneumophila, also known as Legionella, is one bacterium which causes Legionellosis. This is a common disease which occurs from stagnant water of local ponds and rivers. As per medical sources, this bacterium consists of 2 forms…

…One which is mild and known for causing Lochgoihead fever and Pontiac fever! The other being its severe form known for causing life-threatening pneumonia!”

Presenting complete support to UK’s 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and COSHH 1999 Act, the company had gathered to enlighten people the right way to fight this disease.

One of their officials pointed out that such a legionella risk evaluation helps determine the degree of risk in a water system. She also adds that legionella thrives in natural water environments and due to complex distributions of water systems, its growth proliferates considerably.

“This resulting bacterium eventually reaches our homes and exists in our hot tubs, showers, faucets, AC units and also heaters.” – she added.

All these detailing were well acknowledged by those present at the event. After instilling the necessity of such risk Legionella risk evaluation, Safe Water IO delegates went about explaining the proper ways to eradicate this disease and maintain clean water systems.

In regards to this, their marketing head opines that there is presently no such vaccines available for preventing legionella.
He informed that a lot of aspects affect the quality of drinking water by the time it reaches everyone’s houses. These aspects mainly involve water stagnation, alterations in water temp and nearby construction operations. For that reason, asking a professional Legionella risk evaluation company (taking up Safe Water IO’s example) will negate all adverse effects of drinking water owing to this disease.

Taking the onus to exchange more information, another company delegate stated the best companies perform an all–inclusive risk assessment as per COSHH compliances. From temperature check – ups, shower outlet cleansing and other necessary, professionals implement, manage and keep track of their precautionary measures.

In this context, the same official pointed out that Safe Water IO presents lucid evaluation report cards. From photo images, water condition, schematic drawings, disease evaluation and precautionary steps, they present every bit of information applicable.

Their quest to spread awareness regarding Legionella risk assessment did prove to be a success. Many even exchanged words with their officials and contact details.

About The Company

Safe Water IO is a leading Legionella risk assessment company offering their services only in the UK. They present a comprehensive inspection on water systems having possible legionella bacteria risks. The company has been presenting their specific UK clients with top notch survey reports and also ensuring proper control of this bacterium from inflicting further harm.

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