Safe Haven Security Delivers a $100 Visa Gift Card with Ten Day System Activation reports burglary rates have declined slightly, yet points out one burglary is one too many.

According to the FBI, between January and June 2013, 3,265 burglaries were reported by citizens in Kansas City, a decrease from the previous year which saw 3, 347 for the same time period. Any burglary remains one too many, however, in the eyes of law abiding citizens and Safe Haven Security understands this. For this reason, they are proud to partner with ADT to offer homeowners a $100 Visa gift card for activation of a system with a ten day time period. This offer completes the series of discounts available through this home security provider, discounts designed to ensure every home in Kansas City has the necessary security to deter crime.

"Homeowners turn on the news only to hear about someone's home being broken into while they were present. These types of home invasions appear to be increasing in number, yet it's also scary when one isn't home and returns to find they were burglarized. The homeowner finds himself wondering if they fixed the lock so they could return or found a way to enter the home illegally numerous times. ADT Home Security Packages help to calm these fears," Chris Beverly, spokesperson for Safe Haven Security, explains.

Consumers find they can save on home security by making use of ADT, because systems start as low as $99 installed when a 36 month monitoring contract is selected. The home security system remains free, as consumers are only required to pay a $99 installation fee and purchase their alarm and monitoring systems, one way ADT stands out from its competitors. Combined with the $100 Visa gift card, consumers basically pay nothing for the installation fee, parts, or activation.

"Now is the time to install a home security system. Customers can save money by doing so and prevent unwanted visitors from entering the home. Safe Haven Security, an authorized ADT Home Security Installer, sits down with each client to determine what they want and need from their home security system. Customers feel comfortable working with Safe Haven representatives as they know they won't be subjected to hard sales tactics or scare techniques," Beverly continues.

Criminals target certain homes, and homeowners must be aware of this fact. The average criminal looks for a home that is unoccupied, one which offers plenty of cover as they make their entrance, and one with ample escape routes. They tend to bypass those homes which don't meet this criteria.

"Install a security system to deter criminals, as their goal is to get away with items that can easily be fenced, and they don't wish to be caught in the process. A home security system is enough to have most looking for an easier target. Be sure to keep bushes trimmed, and use timing devices when the home will be unoccupied for an extended period of time. Simple steps, when combined with a home security system, go a long way to ensuring a homeowner doesn't become a victim. Use every resource available when securing the home," Beverly states.

About Safe Haven Security:

Safe Haven Security understands homeowners have different concerns when it comes to their residence. The company sits down with the homeowner to discuss these concerns, before presenting various solutions designed to address them. Options range from basic monitoring to advanced PULSE home security and management systems, with the focus remaining at all times on home security. Consumers find they have peace of mind, thanks to the knowledge and experience of this provider and the proven track record of ADT.

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