Sacred Shark Syndicate Out To Become The Next Big Thing In Crypto

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From implementing Syndicate Token Rewards and NFT Staking to partnering with a Shark Conservationist, the Canada-based organization proves to become the next big thing to watch out for.

The Sacred Shark Syndicate, a collection of 10,000 randomly generated Sharks swimming on the Ethereum and Blockchain, is out to become the next big thing in crypto. It is set to launch its Party Launch in Mexico as part of efforts to build a community of like-minded individuals globally.

The historic event will unveil the first use case of the Syndicate Token, a special virtual token created by the group which can be traded and used on the blockchain. All members who hold at least one Sacred Shark Syndicated NFT will be given access to the launch party. The Sacred Shark Syndicate also offers a giveaway of 15 flight vouchers to the momentous launch party.

Sacred Shark Syndicate will be implementing Syndicate Token Rewards and NFT Staking. Syndicate Holders will get a predefined amount of Tokens based on the Holder's length of time owning their specific Sacred Shark Syndicate NFT.

The tokens will be utilized within the dApp on the Sacred Shark Syndicate's website in order to "Evolve" members' Shark, reroll traits, purchase Syndicate Merch, add "insurance" to specific investments, and much more.

The Sacred Shark Syndicate team is also poised to hold a variety of raffles, and members would be able to buy tickets to the raffles using the Syndicate Reward Tokens.

In a bid to grow long-lasting relationships within the community, Sacred Shark Party is ramping up efforts to host events and conferences at various locations across the world each year.

The event in Mexico includes free drinks and food and the ability to participate in different Community Building Events, including Sky Diving, Zip Lining, Boat Cruise, and so much more.

Sacred Shark Syndicate would also donate and virtually adopt 1000-2000 sharks. The team has reached an agreement with a well-known shark conservation organization, Shark Angels. It is an environmental nonprofit organization committed to changing the future of sharks by turning fear into fascination and passion into action. It empowers the creation of grassroots campaigns that make a global impact. The Syndicate has agreed to donate a minimum of $30,000 to support Shark Conservation's efforts around the world.

The organization will also "virtually" adopt Sharks, with each Shark being placed on an Adoption Wall both on the SSS website as well as the Shark Conservation Website, which will include the Species of Shark adopted, Adopter's name, and also the name that was given to the adopted Shark.

With the Syndicate's vast network, the organization will also provide the best Stock, Forex, Crypto, NFT, and Sports Book calls that money can buy. The Syndicate will bring all of these experts, knowledge, and calls under one roof. The team assures it will always be reaching out to new experts to add to the organization's already extensive portfolio of Lead of Industries.

The organization will further launch the Syndicate Serum for Evolution of Syndicate Sharks. The Syndicate Serum would be utilized by members to "evolve" their Shark if they want.

In the evolution, process members would be able to select to reroll or lock traits. The Syndicate Serum will be available for purchase through the organization's dApp using Syndicate Rewards. These rewards will be earned through Social Media activity and engagement, as well as through community involvement.

The Sacred Shark Syndicate is also currently using and testing a variety of Artificial Intelligence trading bots. These bots take members’ funds and make trades for them based on specific algorithms and trends.

The percentage returns are the following: For the investments, a profit of 442.27% in less than 90 days for the AI Marketing Bot, 179.37% for Crypto Bot, and 314.80% for Forex Bot. For the stocks, a profit of 188.26% for AMD, 205.17% for MMED, 563.64% for SCR.TO, and 468.89% for SOL.

The Sacred Shark Syndicate Team is composed of a Crypto and NFT enthusiast, a Crypto Swing Trader, a Special Warfare Vet, Crypto Elitist, a Design Coordinator, and a Crypto tech developer and gamer.

The founder, Mr. Shark, also known as Sean Bhaskar from Toronto, Ontario, is a finance enthusiast with over 15 years of investing. He is a full-blown Crypto and NFT Degen.

“I have brought together all my fellow Sharks that I have personally met through life, and bring to you, my fellow Syndicate members, a combined total of more than 200 years of expertise in making our money grow. As a member of Sacred Shark Syndicate, you will have access to both passive and active income streams, as well as owning some dope artwork,” Mr. Shark said in a statement.

On the other hand, Liga, also known as German Llop, is a strong business development professional with a Master's degree focused in Entrepreneurship & Digital Business from EAE Business School. He helms the Development of The Sacred Shark Syndicate.

Those who want to learn more about Sacred Shark Syndicate may visit the website for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Sean Bhaskar
Email: Send Email
Organization: Sacred Shark Syndicate
Address: Canada

Release ID: 89056429

Name: Sean Bhaskar
Email: Send Email
Organization: Sacred Shark Syndicate
Address: Canada