Sacramento Businesses Warned to Focus on Tenant Retention

Consolidated Facility Services is letting Sacramento commercial property owners know the importance of focusing on tenant retention to do away with revenue problems.

Through these tough economic times, commercial property owners suffer when companies renting buildings or property from them go under and have to end their leases. Consolidated Facility, a commercial janitorial service, sees this happening time and time again, and knows that focusing on tenant retention activities helps to keep the stable businesses in their offices longer. Tenant retention is a good practice. It keeps current renters remaining where they are, instead of adding to the problems when some of the renters go into the red and must end their lease agreement.

Duke and Nick Pham, the owners of Consolidated Facility Services, see property owners struggle when offices are empty. The turnover hurts. They said, "We have seen both sides of the coin. Some building owners keep tenants for ages, never worrying about trying to fill up their spaces. Yet others lose some tenants and the turnover can mean quite a loss. Success in keeping those already in the space usually comes from going the extra mile to maintain a healthy relationship. This can certainly include having a cleaning service keeping the buildings clean."

Both of these men know what they are talking about, since they have operated Consolidated Facility since 1997, servicing the Sacramento and Central Valley area's commercial customers. Their website goes into detail about all the services they provide, from basic cleaning and floor care to bathroom sanitizing and 24/7 emergency service.

Commercial property owners really have no control over circumstances where the economy affects their renters. For instance, according to Northwest Florida Daily News, Blockbuster is closing 300 stores this year. That is a lot of buildings now going to be empty. Bankruptcy issues are the cause. Certainly this is not the only business in this country that has been affected with financial woes. So when some tenants are leaving, owners should not lose hope, but take actions to keep those already there. The current tenants should be kept happy, secure and well cared for.

One major way to improve tenant retention rate is to be a responsive landlord. A building owner should be easy to reach by phone or email and should answer rapidly. If things need to be repaired, they should be taken care of fast. Hiring a janitorial service that will clean the office spaces and common areas and even do some building maintenance really lets the tenants knows the owner cares and respects the spaces. Keeping tenants becomes an important matter when loss of even one can mean a huge set-back financially.

Consolidated Facility, one of the leading Sacramento janitorial service companies is proud to help their clients keep their tenants satisfied and cared for. Using the latest technology and the safest cleaning practices, office spaces are maintained at their highest quality and in their most professional condition.

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