SACINSPECT Publishes Comprehensive New Guide to Exterior Home Inspection

In-depth new guide at company's website provides a slew of important details not covered elsewhere and will help to address many common misconceptions, SACINSPECT reports

SACINSPECT INC, the Sacramento area's leading home inspection service, published at the company's website a brand-new guide focusing on the inspection of home exteriors. Countering a number of common misconceptions and containing plenty of information that will be valuable to homeowners and real estate professionals, the new guide tackles a subject that rarely receives such in-depth coverage. In addition to offering the most diligent, thorough, and professional home inspection services in the Sacramento area, SACINSPECT is one of the most consistently affordable sources for such work, with full home inspection prices starting as low as $295.

"Many people assume that most of the real work of home inspection occurs indoors," SACINSPECT co-owner and Head Inspector Erich Scharf said, "Our brand new online guide will enlighten readers as to how much goes into a comprehensive inspection of a home's exterior and just how important that work is. We think anyone with an interest in home inspection or real estate in general will greatly benefit from reading this new guide."

Because so many things can potentially go wrong with a home over time, interested parties including buyers, real estate agents, and even banks often insist on a thorough inspection before a sale is finalized. The National Association of Realtors, in fact, estimates that nearly 80% of all sales are preceded by an inspection, typically conducted by a trained, certified home inspector.

Since 1996, SACINSPECT has been providing the best home inspection services available in the greater Sacramento area. Co-founder Erich Scharf's extensive background in the real estate industry lends valuable perspective as he leverages the skills first built up at the nation's top home inspection training academy, Inspection Training Associates. By providing the most diligent and capable home inspection services at unbeatable prices, the company has become the leading name in home inspection throughout the entire region.

SACINSPECT's new guide to exterior home inspection therefore arrives in an especially authoritative way, particularly insofar as it addresses a topic that receives relatively little attention in general. Windows, siding, sprinkler systems, electrical panels and many other common exterior features can be among the most significant of all when deciding whether to a buy a particular home, but often receive too little attention from home buyers.

The new SACINSPECT guide to exterior home inspection aims to help readers make better decisions of this sort. It points out how an inoperable system in an exterior location, for example, can be every bit as damaging to a home's overall value as more commonly focused-upon interior equipment. Detailing everything that goes into a comprehensive exterior home inspection of the kind that SACINSPECT specializes in, the new guide provides all that readers need to know.

Offering the best home inspection services in the entire Sacramento area for nearly 20 years, SACINSPECT provides everyone from home buyers to real estate professionals with reliable, accurate, highly affordable assistance of an extremely important kind.

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