Russian Tortoise Care Center Launches to Serve Growing Group of Pet Enthusiasts

New site already features more information regarding the popular tortoise than any other, Russian Tortoise Care Center reports

Fans of one of the most popular reptilian pets of all gain a valuable new resource as the Russian Tortoise Care Center comes online at Packed full of information about the characteristics, keeping, and care of Agrionemys horsfieldii, the Russian Tortoise Care Center will be of great interest to anyone who appreciates these beautiful, charming animals. Visitors to can sign up for a free care guide and read about everything from suitable substrates and bedding to the best lighting and heating equipment for keeping Russian tortoises happy and healthy. With Russian tortoises consistently ranking as some of the most popular reptilian pets of all, the new site will be useful to many.

"We're happy to announce that Russian Tortoise Care Center is now online and full of interesting and informative content," site representative John Alto said, "Like so many people, we find Russian tortoises fascinating and rewarding to keep and raise, and we're proud to be able to offer this specialized new online resource to others who share in this passion. We've commissioned a wealth of useful articles and guides for our visitors to enjoy and benefit from, and we also have some great tips for those researching where to buy their own Russian tortoise."

Also known as the Horsfield's tortoise, after the American physician who first formally described it, the Russian tortoise is a small reptile that tops out at around ten inches in length. With the shells of females growing slightly larger than those of males in order to accommodate the temporary storage of eggs, the Russian tortoise is the most notably sociable and inquisitive in its family, making it an especially appealing pet to many people.

Even so, committing to the responsible ownership of a Russian tortoise requires learning about and accounting for the creature's distinctive needs and behaviors. The Russian Tortoise Care Center was founded to establish a one-stop online resource for those interested in keeping tortoises of their own, with only the most reliable and useful of information being provided.

The new site launches with a comprehensive range of such resources, including an exhaustive introduction to the species featured on the homepage. For those who wish to go even further in depth, the Russian Tortoise Care Center also hosts focused articles covering topics including dietary needs, tortoise hibernation, and particular kinds of equipment and supplies. Visitors to the new site will also find tips about buying a Russian tortoise and can sign up for any of a number of free care guides, as well.

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Offering everything visitors need to know about buying, feeding, and caring for one of the most rewarding pets of all, the Russian Tortoise Care Center is packed full of useful tips, information, guides, and other resources.

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