Russell Bruce Contributing and Committed to United States Veterans

Successfully captivating and tackling each industry head on, Russell Bruce is successful at a number of successful projects. While successful in his primary work field, he also dedicates his time to our American soldiers and veterans. His most recent effort to help veterans is creating the Global American Patriot.

Russell Bruce is a man of many trades. Any industry he touches turns into prosperity. From the coffee market to the craft beer industry Russell Bruce turns businesses into successful operations. Take one of his ventures, the Heartland Coffee Company. It is thriving in the Bremerton, WA area and has grown to nine locations. It is now known as a premier coffee bistro chain. This is just one of Russell Bruce's many accomplishments.

Russell Bruce felt the need to give back to his country and as a result, he has created the charity project, Global American Patriot, along with his close friend of over 27 years, Russ Robison.  Russ shares the same admiration for the U.S. military men and women as Bruce does.  They enjoyed creating and executing the charity, which provides a meaningful opportunity to give back to the veterans that gave so much to the country.  With this vision in mind, Russell Bruce expresses his many thanks to the U.S. and its military.

Russell Bruce established the Global American Patriot Project as a charity to showcase American pride. This was all thanks to his genuine and deep-rooted appreciation and recognition to the men and women who serve(ed) in the United States Military. Russell Bruce embraces such a connection to the soldiers and veterans considering his extensive line of family members that have served, as well as growing up on military bases across the country. He has witnessed true acts of dedication and continuous sacrifices from the families of our military. He is moved by these families that face adversity while supporting their loved ones while serving the greatest country of all, America.

The Global American Patriot campaign reflects American pride and his loyalty of our American soldiers and veterans. Every month Global American Patriot will feature new patriotic charities on its charity spotlight page on the website:  Here one can find the current selections in the spotlight, along with the past supported charities and offerings such as patriotic slogan shirts, mugs, iPhone cases and much more. The various products embody true American patriotic pride. For example, the products feature the American Eagle, the United States flag and American slogans from their loyal online supporters. Each products is voted on before being offered for sale, which is a real testament to the American way of life. A portion of the profits from the sale of products will generate proceeds to selected charities that support veterans and their families.

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Name: Russell Bruce
Phone: (305) 428-2539
Organization: Global American Patriot

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