RunningonJuice.Com's Juicing Starter Guide Experiences 10,000th Download

RunningonJuice.Com’s free guide motivates dieters to lose weight through juicing and surpasses the 10,000 download milestone.

Statistics released by the Center for Disease Control report 69% of adults aged 20 and over are either overweight or obese. Shane Whaley, author of the blog, was once among those 69%, and says he wrote the Juicing Starter Guide at the end of 2011, having lost 60 pounds through juicing and exercise because he wanted to share with others his experience. Now, Whaley is proud to announce his free juicing guide, which he credits with helping him lose his weight, was recently downloaded for the 10,000th time.

Says Whaley, "Juicing is nature's fuel. You will truly, never get hungry. You can put together your own nutritious and delicious juices and lose the kind of weight I did and many others before me and since have with the help of this guide." A case in point is Whaley's friend Angela Von Buelow. She saw his transformation, read the guide and went on to lose 80 pounds herself, before running two half marathons. Says Whaley, "Angie tried to take up juicing in the past, but only when she went away to a spa. She convinced herself she couldn't possibly fit juicing into her life. But, she discovered juicing weight loss could come without having to do anything extreme, like go on a juice fast. Instead, all she had to do was start by replacing just one meal per day with a glass of juice."

Whaley invited Von Buelow to join him on Running On Juice as Editor, a blog promoting the benefits of juicing, based on her knowledge and experience. Additionally, she was recently invited onto the Dr. Oz Show to discuss her weight loss accomplishments as well as the power of juicing for weight loss and running. "Angie and I started this blog because we found something that worked and we figured if we could make it work, anyone could have success from it. And we were right. We hear juicing success stories everyday." says Whaley.

The bottom line, Whaley explains, "You can spend weeks reading information about juicing for yourself, and spend thousands of dollars on books, programs, juicers, or blenders, but I can share with you all you need to know on how to achieve rapid weight loss with juicing; not just in terms of how to make the juices, but in how to tap in to that mental juice."

Running On Juice was begun in 2010, combining experiences of the owners to create juicing strategies anyone can follow to lose weight, get fit and feel better than ever before. Using their own system, the creators of the website lost significant amounts of weight and started running in marathons. They feel if they can do it, anyone can.

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