Rules For Hiring Maid Services Become More Strickt

More homeowners choose to hire maid services for their cleaning needs. Industry experts advise them to look for some imprtant things to avoid disappointment.

New Year’s resolutions are not always about losing weight and eating healthy. A lot of times these promises also involve staying on top of house cleaning. While some try to follow their cleaning checklists and cleaning schedules, others are proactively searching for a maid service. There are several important factors to pay attention to when deciding to allow a cleaning company to handle the housekeeping.

“The first thing to keep in mind is that when hiring a maid service, homeowners practically let starngers into their houses,” said Mike Manhoff, owner of The Maids Cleveland and Columbus franchises. “Before hiring any cleaning service, ask if their insurance is up to date and if they pay WSIB premiums to ensure that the employee is taken care of in case he or she is injured at the house.”

Insurance is a guarantee that in case anything gets damaged during the house cleaning, the company will reimburse the loss. Most reputable companies these days have such insurance plans in place. Saving several dollars by hiring a cleaning lady on the block is not worth taking the risk of hiring someone uninsured.

Another factor to keep in mind is what kind of cleaning product the service uses. This is an especially important factor for those households that have small children and pets. Some chemicals normally used for cleaning may be dangerous, and even fatal. Therefore, when choosing a house cleaning service, homeowners should give preference to companies that use their own eco-friendly solutions.

“We are constantly getting questions if our employees would use homeowner’s cleaning products,” said Mark Gilbert, owner of a house cleaning service in Ashburn, Virginia. “Of course, the customer’s wishes come first, but at the same time we like to remind them that there might be some issues if a cleaner uses a chemical recommended by the client but did not receive training on how to properly use it.”

Moreover, using eco-friendly products gets a lot of recognition from industry experts and homeowners. In most cases, these are solutions that are not only safe for the environment, but also oftentimes outperform traditional chemicals when it comes to effectiveness.

The third important factor to keep in mind when hiring a maid service is trust. Before calling the cleaning company,visit their website and read through their online reviews. Some things to pay special attention to are the number of years the company has been in the business, as well as any awards and industry recognitions. These two factors show how stable the company is as a business and how seriously it takes its own development. The next step will be to ensure that the same team of cleaners will provide services. This “one house-one team” approach will ensure seamless services and client comfort.

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