Rubber Flooring Direct Cautions Against Not Installing Rubber Flooring For Playgrounds

Rubber Flooring Direct has warned that playground injuries are now legally liable and that child safety can only be assured with the benefit of affordable rubber flooring solutions.

Playgrounds of the past were treacherous places that taught children as much about being responsible for their own safety as they did about play and enjoyment. Those days are now gone however, with litigious entities becoming more aggressive in pursuing compensation or injuries, a practice which is not without merit. The dangers to children in unsafe playgrounds are significant, and in a world where asphalt has replaced soft earth, injuries are on the rise. To protect children from harm and themselves from lawsuits, playground management is being encouraged to install high quality rubber flooring from companies like Rubber Flooring Direct.

Rubber Flooring Direct offer complete solutions for all rubber flooring needs, from playground mats to golf tiles for driving ranges. They specialize in high quality rubber flooring tiles which tessellate like a jigsaw puzzle to flexibly fill any size or shape of environment and provide hard wearing but impact-insulated floors.

The tiles are available in a wide range of colors that can be mixed and matched to create a vibrant playful environment, and come in a range of thicknesses from one inch to four and a quarter inch which can be used to selectively protect high impact zones, for instance beneath ladders or climbing frames.

A spokesperson for Rubber Flooring Direct explained, “Playgrounds are a place that should provide a safe and supportive environment for children to play, explore and socialize. By installing quality rubber flooring from us, playgrounds become a cushioned environment that is still robust, hardwearing, easy to clean and maintain and requires little ongoing attention to keep safe. We provide rubber floors for everywhere from sports centers and gyms to ice rinks, so we know what it means to protect people with our product. The tiles are quick and easy to install too, and affordable enough that there is no hardship is upgrading.”

About Rubber Flooring Direct:
Rubber Flooring Direct has been supplying and installing rubber since 1995. Their goal has always been to provide the very best sports floors, rubber playground surfacing, rubber golf course products and equine surfacing at the most competitive prices available today. Rubber Flooring Direct is the One Stop Shop for all rubber sports flooring and rubber surfacing needs

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