RPM Plastering Inc. Reveals it's Web Presence

Winnipeg's drywall and insulation specialists RPM Plastering Inc. are proud to announce that they have officially launched there brand new website at http://rpmplastering.ca.

After two months of planning and preparation the friendly contractors at RPM have finished putting together a little handy work of there own with a brand new website to showcase all there hardwork throughout the years. The move to an online marketing strategy was one that felt needed after operating for so long without one. The trends show that a growing number of both homeowners and business's are looking to the search engines for both there household and commercial property service needs. The drywall and insulations specialists at RPM Plastering Inc. hope to position themselves in front of the that growing number.

There new outpost online features a range of articles featuring all of there professionally handled drywall services. From insulation to taping and everything in between including mention of vapor barriers and even a comprehensive full post on sound barriers themselves. Rpmplastering.ca clearly sets out to fully inform purchasers prior to contact of there extensive knowledge of all things structural with there vast library of well thought out written compositions.

Stepping further out into wild web yonder RPM has also made the move to branch out onto Facebook and Twitter as well aknowledgeing the fact that to engage and persuade there audience back to there new point of contact they first need to be where there audience is. Pictures, reviews, contact information and much more have already been added to the respective social scenes with the ambitions to add much, much more in the years to come.

The move to an online strategy was further solidified with all company trucks getting branded with urls and Facebook logos to help advertise to passerbys as the company does there job on the road. Running a drywall and insulation outfit requires a lot of roadtime so the idea to refit employee vehicles with company decals leading to even more company advertising seems like an effecient use of a marketing budget.

2015 is definitely shaping up to be a competitive year for contractors and small business's alike with the playing fields being expanded to search engine and social media frontiers. The forward thinking staff of RPM Plastering Inc. are excited and ready to prepare there company for the future of business.

Contact Info:
Name: Randy Munson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Randy Munson
Address: 266 Island Shore Boulevard
Phone: (204) 998-0673
Website: http://rpmplastering.ca/

Release ID: 76455