Roy Donovan Publishes New Science Fiction Novel, Life's Journey With The Occasional Alien.

Self-help and fitness author Roy Donovan has published his first science fiction novel in his 83 rd year, creating a thrilling drama with a paranormal twist.

Storytelling is something we have more appetite for now than at any time in history. The different media through which we can consume stories helps us engage with more content than ever, and yet the trusty paper book is seeing an increase in sales, having been the most popular storytelling medium of all time.

The novel helps people transport themselves into a different world, and is a collaboration between author and reader. Roy Donovan looks to take his readers on a journey they will never forget in his new book, his first fiction novel, Life’s Journey With The Occasional Alien.

The story follows the tumultuous lives of Bobby and Jack, two seemingly ordinary lads with the usual goals you’d expect from young men: chatting up girls and visiting the pub as often as possible. Yet alongside these everyday activities comes their extraordinary discovery of astral projection, leading them to make some memorable alien friends, and some they’d rather forget.

Readers should be prepared for murder, violence, fraud, deception, financial crises and a whole host of other problems as these two young men discover what it means to get their lives in order. The book is the first science fiction novel by author Roy Donovan, who has created three different self help, diet and fitness books in the past.

A spokesperson for Roy Donovan explained, “Roy has been working hard to create a thrilling and adventurous tale filled with important life lessons and poignant experiences, through the extraordinary framework of alien encounters. Many people get the sense that they are living two lives, and this book

heightens that experience to a new level, creating high stakes and high drama that nevertheless has a very human empathy at its core. The book is now available on Amazon.”

About Roy Donovan: Roy Donovan is a writer, aged 83 and still going strong. He regularly publishes self help and fitness books and just released his first science fiction offering in the form of his latest novel.

Roy is known for his passion in supporting animal charities organizations such as ASPCA and Dogs Trust. It is not an overstatement to say that supporting the cause is the sole reason why he writes. For more information please visit:

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